Joey Stylez releases new track ‘My Favourite Girl’

Joey Stylez is at it again! This time though, he’s teamed up with Lightning Cloud and Redskin for his latest track, ‘My Favourite Girl’.

Don’t be fooled by the title, this track is far from a cheesy ‘Drake-like’ love song. Instead, the track has an infectious beat of techno combined with RnB and hip-hop that’ll have you head-nodding from start to finish.The track has already received one hundred playbacks within two weeks of its release on Joey’s Soundcloud account. Along with ‘My Favourite Girl’, Joey Stylez has also released other tracks on his Soundcloud in this month alone and has collaborated with several other artists including Young Kidd, Ty Dolla Sign, Vicky Chand and Samson T. You can check out his other tracks on his Soundcloud by clicking here. In the meantime, here is Joey Stylez latest track for you guys to enjoy, just press play down below.