Joey Stylez just dropped a fresh new track!

Trap Man, featuring Matt Brevner is a punchy new track from Joey Stylez. The undertones of hip hop and RnB are deep and dirty. The base-heavy track holds swagger and style that is ready to get a club dancing and grinding.

Joey Stylez’ traditional hip hop style shines through this track, but it holds undertones of electro and RnB. With a quirky fusion of music styles, this track gets down low and dirty, dropping sick beats and dope vibes. The mix also reflects his hometown roots from the mean streets of Saskatoon, where a gang lifestyle is difficult to escape.This track exceptionally showcases the strength in Stylez’ musical talent and creativity. The new track offers a taste of (hopefully!) what is next to come–some more fresh beats and seductive new sounds that are interesting and funky new sound spheres.

His lyrics focus on a typical gangster lifestyle, yet hold undertones of deeper meanings and messages:

“Some of it is club music because I know how to relate to folks who want to have a good time. Some of my songs have political and social messages in them, but sometimes you just want people to get away and not think about their problems like ‘my phone got cut off’ or ‘I’m late on my rent’. I want to use my music as a getaway and an escape to them. A lot of my music is dark and abstract as well. I have a love song about a broken heart. There is a rap song about girls. I’ve never lived one kind of way and I’ve met a lot of different people. It’s broadened my sound and the way I think,” said Stylez.

Commenting on his musical influences, Stylez said:

“I prefer to define myself as new age music because of my fashion, music, style and background/ancestry. All of those culminate into one unique thing. Once you’re pigeonholed as something, that’s what you are and you can’t ever branch out so I like to be classified simply as an artist. I like Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra and so much more. All of those are influences on my music.”

And with such diverse influences ultimately comes a unique sound. Stylez’ sound is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Not only does he blend styles, he blends eras of music, mixes old school hip hop with electronica.

“I started off making street rap music, and along the way when I started getting good at recording. I decided to experiment and push the boundaries to see how far I could go. The more advanced I got at recording the more advanced the style of my music got. I wanted to make a sound that no one was creating. A lot of artists say that but most of them don’t actually create it,” said Stylez.

Stylez wants his audience to understand his ambition is creating new music, new platforms for musical genres and fresh new styles.

Check out the new track below, and let us know what you think!

But with the release of this great new track, Stylez has been very secretive about any details about new releases, so we are all just going to have to wait with anticipation for a new announcement!

For more, check out his website  and his twitter for all the latest info!