Joey Stylez features in Wabs Whitebird’s new clip, “On Deck”

Joey Stylez has teamed up with Wabs Whitebird to make a killer new track!

The fresh new track is mellow hip hop at its finest. The suave beats drop into chill vibes and create a track that showcases Stylez and Whitebird as the perfect duo. The track cruises through its beginning and progressively picks up more energetic vibes and groovy beats. The two musicians use their individual strengths to create a track that is out of this world! With catchy little riffs and a steady beat, it’s bound to be stuck in your head for days on end.

Joey Stylez is attracting critics from far and wide, with one saying, “Stylez released Feather + Rosary in 2013, a lengthy album featuring an eclectic collection of 26 full-length songs and I was blown away by it. It’s jam packed with high-impact songs, insane lyrics and loud beats. The album is fun, loud and the type you could just throw on and rock out to all night long”  UWIN 

His latest releases are killer hip hop tunes with suave vibes that are easy to kick back and relax to. Releasing some new tracks recently, Stylez focuses on some new bassy and groovy sounds to break down his intense hip hop sound. The passionate music maker strives to achieve awareness about greater concerns through his music practice.

Check out the awesome clip below!

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