Joey Stylez drops suave new beats!

Medicine Man, that latest cooler than cool track from the raw and edgy hip-hop/electro king, Joey Stylez, is one to chill out to, relax and immerse yourself into before the weekend starts!

Joey Stylez’ new track Medicine Man, drops down to basey and groovy vibes that are suave and savvy. This smooth new track focuses on heavy hip-hop beats and a seductive vibe that enchants and captivates the audience. The slow pace of the track adds a dramatic effect, a unique electro vibe that seeps through and resonates with the fresh beats.The cruizey track is perfect to wind down to, to kick back and relax.

Stylez is known for his utmost passion about his music making, and it definitely shows through in his new work. He has clearly worked hard and achieved some ingrained goals that has truly paid off. he has created a unique sound that has roots in an array of musical genres and styles. He mixes club music with social and political messages, achieving a balance between entertainment and education.

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