Jah Mason brings the power of love with a glass of chilled wisdom for the world to enjoy. This is his new album “Love & Wisdom”.

Jah Mason ranks as one of the highest rated young DJs to emerge from the island of Jamaica, scoring number one hits and continuing to reach the top with “My Princess Gone” and “Lion Look”. With his debut album “Keep Your Joy: (Ghetto Technology Label) kicking off in early 2002 and swiftly followed up by “Unlimited” (Reggae Vibes Label), there is no stopping this prolific young DJ.

His uplifting voice is an answer to the people’s cry for more positivity in Dancehall and Reggae music today. He was born in the tribe Gad, in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. As a child he adopted the pet name Perry Mason, due to his ability to pacify situations amongst peers in his neighborhood.

His career began under the guidance of reggae superstar Junior Reid, who produced and released Mason’s first song “Selassie I Call We”, under the name Perry Mason. Soon after he and his good friend Jah Cure linked with Capleton and David House, which later inspired him to change his name from Perry Mason to Jah Mason. From this point he began work for “Jah” as the “Builder for Righteousness”, vowing that every word he sang would be a brick laid for the house of Righteousness. Touching many parts of the Caribbean, Europe, the U.K. and Japan, Jah Mason continues to utilize his talented voice worldwide.

Jah Mason continues to explore and create new collaborations with top-rated Jamaican producers yielding the likes of (King of Kings) “False Hype” and “Up”; (Kickin) “Keep your Joy” and “Better Be True”; (Saffire) “Going Home” and “Love For Granted”; (Ras Shanco) “Lion Look”; (Manatee) “Preserve it”; (Reggae Vibes) “Email” and “Where Is The Love”; (Ghetto Technology Music) “None Shall Escape” and “Impress”; (French) “Hard Mama Work”.

We are very excited and extremely proud to be able to annouce the arrival of Jah Mason’s new album out now on New Creation Records and distributed by Blue Pie Records USA for the world. The album tells the story of everyday life with several songs speaking to the the trials and tribulations of love relationships as well as themes pertaining to the benefits of a natural way of life.

Jah Mason shared his vision of the album stating:
“It’s all about Love & Wisdom and the concept is about every day living environmentally, and we just put it into words, to deliver the message through music as a transportation to send it across the world.”

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Jah Mason – Love & Wisdom 2015

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