J.Young’s Sexy Dress is STILL getting some serious airtime on Canadian Radio with remixes up and coming from ‘SoFlawless’ and other DJ Central artists!

So if you’ve been following our news stories for even a month then theres no way you haven’t heard of the young Canadian talent Josh Young or his latest track ‘Sexy Dress’, the follow up song to his global hit ‘Oxygen’. Despite being released several months ago people just can’t get enough of Sexy Dress’ catchy lyrics and smooth reggae beat, for a good reason might I add. Even this long after release Radio stations all over Canada are still proudly showing off their homegrown talent playing Sexy Dress at every opportunity.

Apparently Canadian radio’s aren’t the only ones still interested in this hit either, a number of DJ Central artists have begun working on remixes of the track including ‘SoFlawless’ and Damien. We’re really looking forward to see what these remixes turn out like, but first have a listen the original if you haven’t already (or have).

For all things Josh Young check out the links below!

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