J Dubb landed an historic feature alongside west coast legends with ‘The Position (Remix) feat. Snoop Dogg, Machswan100 and Ice Cube.’

J Dubb has created a global remix hit with release of the remix of “The Position feat Snoop Dogg, MacShawn100 and Ice Cube“. His fans are either loving it …..or smoking with it and ….then loving it !

There is no question this is hit fired track featuring Ice Cubb, Snopp Dogg, MacShawn100 and of course J-Dubb. Play this loud with the BASS tuned up to 11.

This track demonstrates J Dubb’s rap capabilities and artistic talents. These four incredible artists together are creating an awesome and sonically captivating musical experience for ya all’s EARS to dig.

It deserves a place in everyone’s playlist!

The Position on SoundCloud:

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