Inthemix Get Local Tour kicks off tonight!

Five lucky local artists have been selected, under much scrutiny, to join inthemix’s Get Local Tour.

Inthemix have “a rather tasty selection of everything from dreamy electro-pop to live mainstage electro house and club bangers.” You can get jiggy for a night with Yahtzel, Kilter, Ember, M4SONIC and Goodwill in EDM clubs across Australia TONIGHT! Tickets can be won by keeping your eyes peeled on the inthemix website.

The tour goes as follows:

 2 May 2014
will be graced with Yahtzel (DJ set) & Kilter at Platform One
Perth will welcome M4SONIC to centre stage at Parker
Campbelltown will behold Uberjak’d at MacArthur Tavern.

3 May 2014
Perth are up for round two with Kilter at Flyrit
Wollongong get groovy with Yahtzel (DJSet) at The Grand Hotel.

 7 May 2014
Wagga Wagga’s
time to shine with Uberjak’d at Romanos Hotel

9 of May 2014
Eatons Hill has a turn with M4SONIC at Eatons Hill Hotel

16 May 2014
Magnetic Island introduces Uberjak’d & Yahtzel (DJ Set) at Magnetic Island to their humble folk

17 May 2014
Bris-vegas gets a taste of M4SONIC & Goodwill at Family Nightclub
Amaroo sets up for Uberjak’d at Amaroo Hotel

24 May 2014
RAD-elaide rubs shoulders with Yahtzel, Ember (DJ set) & Kilter at HQ
Gold Coast gets cozy with Uberjak’d & Goodwill at Platinum

 30 May 2014
Canberra welcomes Yahtzel (DJ set) and Kilter at Meche Nightclub
Melbourne gets hit again with Uberjak’d at Ciroq Nightclub

31 May 2014
Canberra sets up again for Goodwill at Meche Nightclub
Sydney, last but not least welcomes Uberjak’d, Yahtzel (DJ set) Ember, & Kilter at Chinese Laundry

Source Via  inthemix