Hudson Mohawk ADIDAS Commercial

Glaswegian producer Hudson Mohawk has created the track for ADIDAS’ newest commercial staring Argentinian footballer Lionel Andres “Leo” Messi.

Gotta give him props, the guy makes an amazing beat!

Play The Messi Way – ADIDAS


Play the Messi Way –
Join Team Messi —

Football is supposed to fun
So we don’t waste a minute
We stay on our feet
We play the ball, not the ref
We don’t dive to the ground
Because we know deep down
We shouldn’t be there
They can’t hold us back
We’re keeping the game beautiful
Step by stepover
Goal by exquisite goal
At speed and with respect
There are thousands in our ranks
We are Team Messi

Soundtrack: “Monte Fisto” by Hudson Mohawke