House Music 2013 | New Dance Club Mix by DJ PeeTee



DJ Peetee has blessed us with their music, once again. Uploading a fresh mix on YouTube recently, this 29 minute mash heavily involves House music – and that is what we all love. Party rockers will enjoy every minute of this music video, it includes some tracks such as “Stellar” from Daddy’s Groove, “Breaking Your Fall” by Danny Avila and “Strong” by Kid Massive & Akex Sayz – just to name a few.

This mix is DJ PeeTee’s 32nd uploaded, which begs us to ask the question…”when is 33 coming out?” The fans on Youtube are commenting on how much they love it “Epic Mix bro!” being one of the top comments by a fan, this comment already has over 30 likes of people agreeing that this mix by DJ PeeTee is just so epic we need to express that with an exclamation mark!! Let us know how much you like this mix, just hit the play button below to listen to the complete mix. Enjoy! Download links are in the description.