GRADES throws Lana Del Rey back into the grooviest of times

GRADES stands up to the platform and hits a home run!

A new remix of Lana Del Rey’s West Coast by GRADES perfectly fuses together the seductive mistress of pop with an electric groovy 70s funkadelic jam. Alternate vocals and never before released lyrics are introduced to tantalise our palette for everything Lana.

Supposedly only for German radio, a shimmery disco remix by UK producer GRADES uplifts the original dreamy and wistful vibe of the track into one that’s ready to get you grinding to a bouncy and chirpy beat.

This groovy and poppy new mix explores the seductive vocals that Del Rey so fantastically produces and shines them up against a retro-pop wall of funky and disco-ey vibes. It feels like your in a roller derby, tempted to pull out the fish eyes dance move and shake that booty to the boppy beats that underlay the entire song.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!

source via Dazed Digital