Get to know DJ Elle Morgan

The 13 year old DJ Elle Morgan is a prime example that EDM has become an entire generation’s pop music.

EDM has become an entire generation’s pop music.

As David Guetta sells out every single show he plays, Skrillex and Avicii being heard blasting out of every kid’s iPod, and hit songs by Rihanna or Pitbull sounding like big-room club anthems, it is evident the younger generation are embracing the spirit of EDM.

For instance, meet the 13 year old phenom DJ Elle Morgan. She is located in Texas, United States and has a rising in popularity as she rocks rooms and packs the dance floors with her signature sets of House, Tech House, Progressive House, Trance and Electronica.

Her authentically honed mixing skills boast perfect beat matching and in key mixes without the use of cheat software or a laptop. Elle is the real deal, securing her first residency on her first public performance. She spins twice monthly at Houston’s Gorilla Hole for an audience of young fans and moonlights playing the big boy rooms for their parents. All that skill packed into one adorable package is what makes DJ Elle Morgan the most in demand in the US.