Get lost in the ambience of Sound For Production!

This cool French studio may just be what you’re looking for! Bit of a bold statement to open with… or is it? Well… what if you wanted some chill ambience?


Or what about a sad or upbeat cinematic score… one might say, a “Sound For Production”?

The variance in style and tone, as well as the skill on display here, is truly impressive. There can only be one studio behind this… Sound For Production! The owners of this fine studio have contributed many a track to our shared catalogue, and seeing them grow and flourish has been a joy. It may be any day now that some aspiring filmmaker recognises their talent and uses their musical samples in their movie or TV soundtrack! Olivier De Vera, Sébastien Paindestre, Yutaka Nakamura, Francis Zgorski, Antoine Vierny, Vincent Mourrégot, Bernard Menu, Hugues Chauvin, Thierry Baillieux, Eric Auneau, Julien Ranouil, Sabrina Duval, Antoine Duchêne, Yann Pistien, Patrick Vidal, Mattieu Gonet, Aurelien Noel, Rodolphe Raffalli, Pierre Binant, Jeremy Azoulay, and of course Antoine Binant have come together to give us some of the most memorable tracks out of a collective music studio since 2016! Sound For Production is many people, and it may even be safe to call it an ideology or a means of appreciating music. Multiple artists have gathered into this studio to create music that can suit any occasion you may need it for. This is a music studio that can’t afford to go unnoticed, and here’s hoping this shout out will give their popularity a kick in the right direction – the direction that all these talented, passionate people deserve! Go check em out on all major online retailers!