Akira_thumbnailAkira Garton was born a gypsy to young bohemian punks finding their signature in the burgeoning music and fashion scene in the early 80’s.  Home was where ever she happened to find it. Travelling through more beach side & mountain towns then fingers before she could count to 10. Rather then typical children’s literature, Akira devoured magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue where life was expressed and interpreted by fashion. There was no distinction between these images of fantasy and the world around her.

The beckoning of fashion waved its glittered hand, and by the sweet age of 21, Akira was making her own Jewellery line (ANAIS Jewellery) re-creating rare vintage & selling online (Ruby Moon Vintage) and continuing to freelance on PR campaigns & styling (working with Slimming & Health Magazine). After an expanding year, this colorful mix of trades combined into her developing her own line and successful blog (No327X).

Flying into Bali with a swagger full of glitter & dreams, Akira landed and in less then a week had given up the seaside for clothing factories and business. She began making and creating her own fashion label (FlurElise), kick starting a successful online store and trained her Stylist hands for many international designers and magazines based in Bali. Akira had branched into a new territory that linked her creations and creativity with the world. Her blog (No327X) start getting traction around the world, which led her to writing for online magazines (UK based ArtRocker) and blogs. Travel and sourcing around the Asia Pacific region inspired her endlessly, cross continent’ing through India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Returning to Sydney at age 24, Akira began working for a successful fashion PR agency Door121 and began freelancing as a Creative Consulting. Working with a huge number of Australian labels and freelancing closely with labels such as; Fred Bare, Amilita, Queen Justine Vintage, Myth & Amethyst, Bali based labels The Story Of and Blue Visions plus many more. Moving more into the depths of fashion industry, Akira had a stint as Head Fashion Buyer at BondiLove online store and Sales Rep. Akira continued styling campaigns and shoots, working with the likes of Lady Gaga (2012 concert), Nick Campbell, South of the Border and working with many of Australia’s top photographers and models; Akila Berjaoui, Cameron Hammond, Zippora Seven and Rachel Rutt to name a few. With works featured on many blogs (Contributor Magazine, Dossier) and International titles such as I LOVE FAKE and Mirage Magazine.

Now going under the title of Stylist and Creative Consultant, Akira is working constantly on a myriad of projects, people, brands and other colourful beings that creatively express themselves through the mediums of fashion, photography, modeling, dressing and impressing.