Flume ignites anticipation for new album

Today, the reigning king of EDM announced via his Facebook that a “new album is very much underway.”

Let’s just take a minuet to digest that.

Flume + New Album in the making = CLEAR YOUR SCHEDUAL

Without a set release date on the album Flume has left us on the edge of our seats, biting out nails and pulling out our hair wondering when, oh WHEN, the album will be dropped.

In an interview with the Guardian, Flume expressed his struggle with producing his own material, and material that people want him to produce: “I know how to make a record that commercial radio or triple j will smash now…It’s kind of hard to stay true, and write what you would write if you didn’t have that in your head. Because I know I can get way more airplay and get this much bigger…and that’s what I’m trying to avoid doing… I just want to write another record that’s as good or better than the one I’ve already made. That’s my main goal, to follow up stronger than before.”

And while you with riddled with anxiety for the new album, refresh your memory of classic flume, Holdin’ On

source via inthemix