Flo Rida Bails on Aussie Gigs and Legal Fees

Oh the hardships of being a successful hip-hop artist….at least for Flo Rida.

According to FasterLouder, the US rapper refuses to pay a whopping $400,000 bill for failing to perform at the ‘Fat As Butter’ Music Festival back in 2011 after being paid in advance for his appearance.

Flo Rida’s lawyer, Nick Furlan, defends that the rapper stating, “There was no evidence that [Flo Rida] was in NSW on April 13”. Despite this claim, Flo Rida has been identified to be in Australia the day after to perform at the Supafest festival and the Logie Awards Ceremony on the following day.

The ‘Fat As Butter’ promoters counteract Furlan’s defense by claiming that the rapper bailed the event due to a “hissy fit” and used all their efforts to try and get him to perform for the crowd. The promoters were so disappointed with Flo Rida’s ‘Houdini’ act that they even posted on Facebook, “Since he’s been on his Australian tour, he’s been an absolute tonk”.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Flo Rida has pulled the ‘Diva’ card.

Flo Rida has also been reported of being booked in advance to perform at Mounties in Mt Pritchard on the NSW coast following the ‘Fat As Butter’ show but, again, failed to make an appearance. “Every time we got our hopes up that he was in transit to the venue, we would find out that he had not in fact left his hotel room,” the venue posted on Facebook. “The most difficult part was then turning him away from the Club when he finally arrived nearly 3 hours after he was due on stage. We did not believe he was in a suitable condition to perform.”

And we thought pop-stars were the big divas! Seems like hip-hop artists are also jumping on the ‘prima donna’ bandwagon nowadays.

Source: www.fasterlouder.com.au/news/