Events & Promo

The DJ Central promotions team will work with you to create special events for your brand. The team will work with you to develop your marketing and promotional strategy and provide you with the ability to feature your events and promotions in our weekly TV show.

Some of the events and promotions that we have completed are featured below.

If you would like to know more on how to get DJ Central’s promotions team to cover your event, or to feature on our show, please email

DJC – Show Reel February 2013

DJC – Corporate USA Segment

DJC – Corporate Asia

DJC – Durex Segment

DJC – DJ Tiger Lili Segment

DJC – DJ Stoli Segment

DJC – Steve Aoki Segment 1

DJC – Steve Aoki Segment 2

DJC – Flight Facilities Segment

DJC – Promo 1

DJC – Promo 2

DJC – Promo 3

DJC – Promo 4