Downer walks the streets of life with his hit song “Suga Boom Boom”

Downer takes us on a has changed his life and the lives of many others.  With the release of his hot new song “Suga Boom Boom” on Blue Pie Records, USA life has never been better.

As Downer says, “I am ready to take my music to the world and make a positive impact on everyone who comes in contact with it.  One day I recorded my song Suga Boom Boom using a beat I did off of the refrigerator and uploaded it on Facebook and overnight it went viral.  It now has over 10 million views and counting. The song has taken on its own life and continues to grow everyday.”

Downer is now looking forward to building on this momentum and creating and writing new material. He is constantly touring and performing in his home land of California. You can check out live dates via Facebook just search “Downer Suga Boom Boom”

James Williams aka Downer is a Blue Pie Records USA and available now at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Just search “Downer suga boom boom”

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