Downer Moves From The Sidelines to the Main Stage With His New EP ‘Side Chick’

Since becoming a free man in 2010, James Williams AKA Downer has been making significant strides in the music industry and rap community. With the release of his first global sensation ‘Suga Boom Boom’, Downer has gained an immense amount of followers and fans, as well as millions of plays of his music online.

Now, Downer is back with the fresh release of his brand new EP ‘Side Chick’. After working with producers throughout 2015, this new EP gives fans 4 brand new songs that are sure to have everyone singing along and listening to the new tracks all day. ‘Side Chick’ sees Downer branching out within the rap community and collaborating with artists Nicho Savant on the title track ‘Side Chick’ and Ripped on ‘Lay You Down’.

With sounds similar to classic 90’s rap music, Downer channels his influences 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ice T and LL Cool J to bring a fresh new twist on the music we all love with this project. ‘Side Chick’ is sure to be another successful EP worth listening to immediately.

Make sure you check out Downer online and purchase the ‘Side Chick’ EP on iTunes today.

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