Down3r and LadyDice are killer as per usual…..get ready to ” Throw it up” with their new West Coast anthem !!!

Get ready for the next big thing from Down3r and LadyDice. The pair have been working hard lately with their “Suga Boom Boom” tour. This hard work continues as over the last week they have been filming for their first music video, “Throw It Up” directed by John Fu.

The music video involved 6 cities, 9 locations and plenty of low riders. The location shoot was all throughout California and included: San Diego, Orange County, Bakersfield and Dodger Stadium.

The music video and new song are sure to blow you away and we hope clock up some massive traffic as basically anything they release does. As always both LadyDice and Down3r provide their smooth flow with lyrical genius.

However, the new track alone is something truly special from these two. Combine this amazing new track with a killer music video featuring 9 different locations and 6 cities and you have something absolutely unforgettable. Do not miss out on this. Stay tuned to Down3r and LadyDice’s social media for updates.

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