DJCTV, DJCRecords & Boxon Records Form Strategic Alliance To Develop New Talent!

DJ Central TV, DJ Central Records and Boxon Records form a strategic alliance to develop new talent, bring the best of EDM culture from France to the world and to offer opportunities for Australia EDM artists to tour and develop new markets in France and the greater EU Music Markets.

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Boxon Records that will open up new markets in the burgeoning EDM scenes in Ibiza, France, Spain, Germany and the UK for DJ Central and Boxon Records artists. Already DJ Central is featuring the Boxon artists and their super cool video clips in our English and French shows.

The partnership will provide Boxon with access to music license opportunities for synch license placements of their catalogue into FILM + TV Shows + Advertising commercials through the Planet Blue network and its partner Kings Road Multimedia

This now means that we all do what we are good at. Boxon has incredible artist vision and creative capacity to nurture new talent, DJ Central + Blue Pie Records + Planet Blue Pictures have the digital distribution, commercialization systems, infrastructure and access to government support and funding to make this all happen. A win win for both countries and both labels.