DJC welcomes the entire roster of BOXON Records to the TV show!

Blacktoys, Costello, GRS Club, Pelussje, WAT of BOXON Records join DJ Central TV

We would like to send a huge note of thanks to Mr Julien Minet for providing DJ Central TV with access to the full roster of artists on BOXON Records to be featured in a special BOXON Records show in December this year. We will be featuring all the labels acts throughout the months of September / October / November and December with a special label show on their incredibly creative video clips. You can check out the labels official website here

Everyone at DJ Central sends a huge LOVE shout out to BOXON……we know that the world just needs to see more of your artists and we are here to help make that happen.

Check these guys out:

Blacktoys – Glock

Costello – Get Crazy

GRS Club – Utopie

Pelussje – The Rise

WAT – Kill Kill