DJC Gets Fashionable With Ashleigh Clarkin Joining The Team

Fashionistas can expect to be glued to their computer screens with DJC’s NEW Fashion TV!

Ashleigh Clarkin the mastermind behind the new Fashion TV program and website featured on DJ Central TV has officially joined the DJC Team as the new International Fashion and Brand Director. This venture is sure to make waves in the Fashion world so make sure you stay tuned!

Ashleigh’s unique perspective on the world of fashion stems from her fusion of experience within the worlds of fashion, media and music. Having worked with some of the most prolific fashion designers, brands and TV networks across the globe, Ashleigh brings 20 years of experience and connections with some of the biggest names in the business.Connecting the world through the music and fashion industries and working in highly creative environments with high-energy people is Ashleigh’s love and passion! DJC is stoked to announce Ashleigh Clarkin’s addition to the ever-growing team!

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