DJC - DJ Sep

DJ Sep’s Dub Mission still going strong!

Check out the line-up for July at Dub Mission, It’s killer! 

This month you can catch some of the best and grooviest acts of Dub and Reggae at Dub Mission!dj sep

DJ Sep’s Sunday night sets at Dub Mission in the Elbo Room are still pumping out awesome beats and chill vibes every week! and more and more awesome artists keep getting added to the line up.

July features Adam Twelve, DJ Stepwise, Roger Mas and DeeJay Theory. you better head on down if you’re in the area, because the reviews for Dub Mission have been off the chart!

“Dub Mission rocks! and rocking harder then ever for 13 years now, wow a weekly club night that has been going for 13 years is few and far between, much less a dubparty, dj sep is a great dj and host and always brings in top notch guest!
big up, here is to 13 more years!!” – Dub G

These are nights that promise to be as groovy and chilled out as possible. And if you feel like a little dance because the infectious vibes are seeping into your soul, the dance floor is pretty swayin’ too!

Here’s a taste of what you’re in for this July

For more about DJ Sep check out her website