DJ Majestik Drops New Release, Rocky Balboa. Get Your Friday Night Playlist Started Right!

Being in the scene for over ten years has not stopped DJ Majestik from producing some of the most buzzing beats in electronica and dance. His newest release, Rocky Balboa, is no different. DJ Majestik kicks off the song with the urge to pump your fists in the air as the lyrics chant out “Tonight I want to feel high!” Majestik weaves that popular electronic vibe with dancehall beats which makes ‘Rocky Balboa’ a distinct sound produced by DJ Majestik whilst still keeping it fresh.

You can find DJ Majestik aka Jim Giordano working the Western / Central New York area DJ’ing everything from hip hop, club to dance, even progressive and trance. He has been in the top 5 on Reverbnation now for over 2 years. Discovered by DJ Central’s A & R team in December 2014, Majestik’s work has evolved as he develops and matures his sound further.

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Here’s a little taste of the tunes DJ Majestik is producing –