DJ Central wraps up season 4 and now starts shooting season 5 and 6 with many new fans from Korea and China.

Now in production for Season 5 with having just wrapped up Season 4 in December last year, the DJ Central TV continues its massive growth pathway and cuts new virtual highways to Korea and China,

The show has continued its winning formula of featuring the hottest hits, great artists, awesome remixes and mashups. The ease of accessibility to the show has also ensured success, as fans have no trouble finding a source to watch the show.

DJ Central TV is now available on:

  • Aurora | Foxtel.
  • Sony Playstation.
  • Samsung TV.
  • ROKU – Coming Soon for 2017.
  • Xbox Live.
  • SBP TV WorldWide.
  • Pivotshare.
  • Vimeo.
  • Planet Blue Pictures | HULU.
  • Tencent Video Platform VOD Demand China.
  • Youku.
  • Le TV ASIA.
  • iQIYI China.
  • Sohu.
  • Toutiao.
  • INKE YY.
  • Huajiao.

Check out the network and channel footprint here

We are adding more channels everyday and we launch on Roku in North America later this year. Stay tuned as that will be a massive party to celebrate this milestone for the company somewhere in Sydney with a venue to be announced !!!

Season 4 has provided fans with unparalleled access to the EDM scene with insights, lifestyle segments, news, gossip, music suggestions and more. The season also featured amazing segments on the best nightclubs to visit around the world and the culture behind the EDM industry.

With all this packed into each episode it is no wonder the show was so successful yet again for the fourth season. The success of the show is certainly a testimony to the fact that it provides viewers with the absolute best insight into the EDM scene and culture.

Season 5 will wrap by March and the Season 6 will start immediately after that. There are 13 episodes in every season and you can check out the video clip database here to see if your video has been played and added to the show.

If you would like to send your video the content team at DJ Central simple email a link of the video to and the team will back to you generally in 48 hours.

Thanks from everyone here at DJ Central to all the fans and artists that have made the show one of the best new EDM Shows in the world !!!

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