DJ Central Seasons 1-5 are now LIVE on Vimeo On-Demand!

We’re back! Not only is Season 1 live on Amazon Prime, but Seasons 1-5 or DJ Central are live RIGHT NOW on Vimeo On-Demand!


DJ Central is a global dance, club and house music TV show that features the hottest DJ’s playing the hottest hits, remixes and mash ups, from all over the planet. DJ Central is now available on Foxtel, Sony TV, Samsung TV, Qello, and Xbox Live, as well as Amazon Prime and Vimeo On-Demand as stated before!

The show is focused on providing independent labels and artists from all over the world the opportunity to gain global exposure for their music and reach new fans via our weekly 1.5 hour show.

If you would like to get your video clip on the show or would like to know more, email us at:

Or if you wanna be in the running to show your love for Down3r on DJ Central or any of our related media, check out this article to get started! Or if you’re wanting to get your own music into the world through different means than emailing the address above, check out THIS article!

Every season of DJ Central can be played from the comfort of your home, and more is on the way. It’s a good time for this nostalgic series, and a good time for indie artists. Get yourselves known to the world! Or if that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine.

We got you covered either way. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the passionate work of dozens of cool creators by clicking here.