DJ Central Season 6 in production! WE WANT YOUR MUSIC!

That’s right, we’re back! DJ Central is back and you have a chance to be featured on our up and coming blockbuster new series. It’s bound to be a blockbuster because your content is gonna be featured for the world to enjoy!

It’s no secret that DJ Central was posed to make a return, especially with its recent resurgence via the world of online on-demand platforms, such as Amazon Prime! But it may come as a shock to a few of you that we’re seeking online talent. It’s really only the natural progression of things, honestly. We consume content by browsing and binging online, and essentially all of the world’s talents are also hosted online. The world is now connected. So we need your help to connect it even further!

How? Simply send your work to to get started!

But what if producing music isn’t your cup of tea and you’re simply into singing your heart out in whatever way you can? That’s what our hashtag competition is for.

Running indefinitely until Season 6 has finished production, the #SugaBoomBoomReviews and #SugaBoomBoomCovers hashtag competitions are another chance for you to get your foot in the door! Simply cover DL Down3r’s Suga Boom Boom (click the video above!) in whatever way you think best suits your talents and passions, and submit it to us by emailing or messaging us through our various social medias, preferably with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomCovers. You don’t even need to cover it by singing… check out Sunsiren tearing it up with a Hula Hoop to Down3r’s cover of “River” by Ed Sheeran and Eminem!


But what if performing music isn’t your thing at all! Well, that’s what #SugaBoomBoomReviews is for! Through the same means of contacting us that you would use to send a #SugaBoomBoomCover, send us what you think of the song! It can just be a sentence! Doing so gives your review the chance to be featured on the DJ Central or Blue Pie websites and newsletters! Bump DL with pride and let’s hear what you think!


Fans of DJ Central and Down3r alike! Let’s get a good push behind this! We’re eager to see your music, and so will the rest of the world be, once it makes it to Season 6 and is broadcast globally!


We’re waiting for you! Send us everything through our social medias or to! We’re keeping an eager eye out for the future of music, so give it your best shot and don’t be shy!