DJ Central is on Cotton Cart!

Say that you wanted to display our snazzy logo on your clothing or phone cases? Or say that you wanted to show your love and appreciation for your favourite artist from Blue Pie Records or DJ Central TV? Well, it’s not just Down3r who’s moving into merch. The DJ Central web stores are finally here!

The DJ Central Cotton Cart store offers Hoodies, T-Shirts, and Caps. As for our partner company, the Blue Pie Redbubble store has you covered with Stickers, Phone Cases, Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Posters, Cards, Mugs, iPad Cases and Laptop Covers! The Blue Pie Redbubble store also offers merchandise featuring images relating to DJ Central, as well as some of our best artists and the best things to come out of DJ Central too. Think of the Redbubble as more of a store to represent Blue Pie as well as all its partner companies and artists, not just Blue Pie itself, and think of the Blue Pie Cotton Cart, the DJ Central Cotton Cart, and the DL Down3r Cotton Cart as more niche stores that represent what’s on the tin. Whether you’re shopping for general or specific stuff, Cotton Cart and Redbubble have you covered! Head on down and we’ll see you there!

Blue Pie Cotton Cart store

Blue Pie Redbubble store

DJ Central Cotton Cart store

DL Down3r Cotton Cart store