DJ Central have mustered all of their biggest and best for their latest Compilation of hits! DJ Central The Hits – Compilations Vol 1 – 8 Available now on iTunes!

If you’re thirsty for some fresh new music by some of the worlds most talented artists then look no further my brothers and sisters as Blue Pie and DJ Central have delivered us the Holy Grail of alternative, hip hop, pop and electronic music in their new compilations. Featuring the likes of DJ Diamond, Prince Oli, DJ Majestik, Raz B, Missy Crissy, K-Liostro, Zya Mao and many more these compilations are sure to tickle your fancy and open the door to an array of new musical pleasures to treat your ears to. There’s something for fans of every genre in DJ Central The Hits Compilations, if you’re a hip hop kind of individual, feast your ears on tracks by Prince Oli such as his hit ‘Show me (ft. Al Rocco)’ or Raz B with his single Fire.

Based in Australia, DJ Central manages thousands of artists around the globe and now produces one of the worlds leading EDM shows in the southern hemisphere by the same name (DJ Central). The show is focussed on providing independent labels and artists from all over the world the opportunity to gain global exposure for their music and reach new fans via their weekly 1.5 hour show. The show is hosted by a dynamic global team including Mitch, Penny, Johnny “JB” Bennett, and many other leading DJ’s from all over the world, all contributing segments and news stories. Each week the DJ Central production team brings you the latest in dance and house music as well as featuring fashion interviews with celebrities from film to music, interviews with super star DJ’s and segments on one of the largest cultures on the planet, the youth. With such a vast network expanding across the globe and a wealth of resources at their disposal, its no surprise that DJ Central and Blue Pie records are able to attract the level of talent you’re sure to find in this compilation.

DJ Central dug deep into their expansive catalogue, consisting of some 10’s of thousands of tracks, to bring us the creme of the crop with these new Compilations, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by, have a look at the track list in each volume via the links below and enjoy what some of the planet’s musical talent has to offer!

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