DJ 5th Mars Releases New Hit Single!

It’s no secret that DJ 5th Mars knows how to capture the attention of his audience through music! His newly released single, ‘Loving You Forever feat. Suzanna Lubrano’ is no exception, showcasing his talent yet again with infectious beats and smooth vocals throughout.

DJ 5th Mars, born in the urban jungle of Montréal city, developed a passion for Techno and Electronic sounds from a young age and has been creating music ever since.

In 1999, he created his own style that he titled DeepSpace Techno. As a hands-on artist, with experiences as a musician for the past 30 years and in production/mixing for the past 20 years, he has spent the last decade and a half exclusively producing EDM music.

In 2012, DJ 5th Mars finally released his 2nd album ‘BIN 505’, acclaiming over 12,000 on album sales with social media being his only platform of advertising. Since then he has released a 3rd album titled ‘BIN 606’ and EP ‘Natural Waves’ out through DJ Central Records.

The world is now tuning into the power of DJ 5th of Mars and his Progressive Trance, House and Electronic music with the new single ‘Loving You Forever feat. Suzanna Lubrano’ surely not to disappoint.

Check it out on iTunes here now!