DJ 5th Mars is exploding the dance music scene!

DJ 5th Mars just dropped his latest EP, Life Can’t Be Like A Game, a seven track ear-gasm of catchy house music and deep space beats, taking his own unique style to the next level.

The godfather of electronic trance music has been working hard over the past couple of months by becoming a finalist for song writing competitions, dominating the social media platform and doing some epic mixes for Suzanna Lubrano.

DJ 5th Mars has been collaborating with Damien Reilly and the Blue Pie Productions Team to mix several of Suzanna’s new tracks in preparation for Suzanna’s tour of the US markets this year with SONY RED and Red River Entertainment.

The king of deep space progressive house music said, “Damien sent me Suzanna’s links and I fell in love with her voice instantly. What more can I say”

Mars promises us that some new interviews about his latest work will be released soon alongside some radio links to listen to some of his new songs for free!

DJ 5th Mars sure isn’t your typical DJ, he is a creator, a hands-on artist who has produced his own DeepSace Techno style blending Techno, Dance and Trance into a kaleidoscope of hypnotic beats and pumping vibes.

You can find his latest EP on itunes here