Delphic constructs new sound

Electronic trio Delphic have been somewhat distant from the music scene recently, however they have good reason!

Delphic’s fresh new mix tape, Get Familiar, features the latest single, Colours Of The Day. It takes a turn for the electro-house vibe as a step forward from their cool synthetic, lazy summer afternoon days from their album Acolyte. This latest sound is definitely one to get that booty shakin’.

They use atmospheric synths and break down into quirky chopped melodic vocals. Dance beats are vibrating throughout the track, uplifting the tempo and creating the happiest mood for a track yet. The whimsical elements of their Acolyte days are evident, yet they are transformed into the dance-floor remix, developing nifty little vibes that are so catchy and elevating, you wont be able to sit still listening to it!

source via: purplesneakers