Deadmau5 is taking marketing into the palm of your hand.

Deadmau5 recently revealed that there is now a Deadmau5 Live App.

Yep, that’s right, everything from the producer will now be fast tracked straight to your smart phone. Essentially, the producer, also known as Joel Zimmerman, is taking marketing for his music to the next level – he doesn’t even have to do it any more! Updates to the app will send updates to the user and wiz-bang, ka-boom everyone is in the know on all the latest deets.

This is the ultimate go-too for die-hard Deadmau5 music fans, exclusive photos, videos and music are available for the user. Basically it’s the Deadmau5 Live website in an app

But wait! There’s more!
Fans will also be able to chat with the producer himself through the members-only club!

The app is available for download from iTunes, and Android users, you haven’t been left behind, a compatible version is in the making. As Zimmerman put it, “We don’t have a staff of 30+ programmers on it 24/7.”

Premium membership gives users access to even more exclusive content, and those who need their change for coffee, snacks, the bus, whatever, still get access to stacks of content and music for free

The album drops 17th June, pre-orders begin May 20th and you can receive a free download of Avaritia for your trouble.

Have a taste of his new track

source via inthemix