Considering Prince Oli royalty is almost an understatement of this fresh prince of R&B’s talent!

The sounds of Prince Oli is a gift from God to all of you old school R&B lovers out there. The harmony of the heart wrenching, emotionally driven ballads from Boys II Men seamlessly combined with the showman ship of the late Michael Jackson work together flawlessly to create the smooth, world class talent of Oli Da Haitian Prince that I just can get enough of.

Though Oli was born in New York, he spent much of his younger years in Haiti (the native name given to the entire Island of Hispaniola). This exposure to so many contrasting environments can only be viewed as an advantage, exposing Oli to a wide variety of sounds and music that would influence his taste in music for the rest of his life. This dichotomy of music played in the background of Oli’s life molded him into the vocalist that he would soon become, those who reap the rewards of his upbringing are the listeners.

Further surprised us when he first showcased his ability to sing acapella when he performed the National Anthem at NBA’s 2006 Champions Miami Heat and the NFL’s St. Louis Rams home games. In 2012 Oli even headlined his own Asia tour.

If you haven’t already been convinced of Prince Oli’s undeniable talent check out his official website for his story, show times and all his music in the Links below. Trust me, you wont be disappointed. His hot new record out now on DJ Central is ” Show Me “.

You can watch the video here: