Cocoon Records!

DJ Central is excited to announce that our show will feature music content from the awesome German label, Cocoon!

Founded in 2000 by the genius music producer Sven Väth, Cocoon is dedicated to getting the music of young up-and-coming producers and DJs released without depending on major label structures. They also release compilation albums which feature exclusive tracks by their artists such as Dominik Eulberg, Guy Gerber, and, Minilogue. One band they represent that you’ll likely recognize is Zombie Nation, whose first track Kernkraft 400 exploded onto the charts internationally in 2000, and it is still regularly chanted to by clubbers on dance-floors and in sports’ stands today! So be sure to start getting excited about the music clips that DJ Central is going to feature! And don’t forget that if you make dance music yourself to shoot it over to us (see the link in the menu bar above!) and we might feature it on the show, too!

And in case you’ve failed to notice our previous posts, we’re hiring! We’ve just posted a new ad up on The Loop so definitely get onto that!