Christina <3 Sia


Australian songstress Sia has been busy hard at work writing a hit new song for Christina Aguilera’s new Album Lotus, Sia has confirmed ‘Blank Page’ will be on Christina Aguilera’s forthcoming album ‘Lotus’ and she thinks it is ”amazing”.


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It is not the first time Christina has worked with Sia – she also wrote the track ‘You Lost Me’ on Christina’s ‘Bionic’ album.

Aguilera — who shares a birthday (December 18) with Furler — won over Sia with a fan email.

Furler’s 2005 song Breathe Me — used in Six Feet Under and countless other TV shows and ads — was just one of Aguilera’s favourite Sia songs.

‘‘Obviously she likes Breathe Me, that’s the one everyone goes for, but she mentioned seven songs as far back as the first Zero 7 album, and songs likeDestiny and Distractions, and a song called Moon from my last album that nobody ever picks as a favourite.

‘‘That won her some points, she’s a listener, she knows my random album tracks nobody gives a s— about. That’s pretty flattering.”

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Though Furler was shocked the singer knew who she was, the feeling was mutual — Furler expressing her love of Aguilera’s ballad Beautiful.

And it was Sia’s way with ballads that Aguilera wanted for her own musical DNA.

‘‘That’s why I’m here, that’s my department, I’m from the ballads department,” Furler says.

‘‘We’ve written some really wonderful songs. I would put any of the songs we’ve written on one of my albums. And it’s a total collaboration. There are some artists who walk in and say ‘I want to write a song about a stiletto’, then walk out again.

‘‘You write the song and they take a third. That’s not at all what it’s been like working with Christina. Often she saves the day when we’re stuck.”

The collaboration (including Furler’s bassist Sam Dixon) has already yielded four tracks, with Aguilera wanting to write more.

‘‘There have been a few goosebumps-on-my-scalp moments I must say,” Furler says. ‘‘I definitely pooped my pants when she first sang out loud in the room with us. She’s dope. She can afford to take risks. She’s at a place in her career where she could do a line-dancing record and it’d sell a bazillion copies because it’s her singing. That what she touches turns to gold.”…

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She’s also about to write lyrics for a ‘‘huge pop star” she declines to name but her hints — ‘‘one of her past lyrics is one of my favourite of all time, it’s about boobs and it’s hilarious” — suggest it may well be Shakira.

This new life as songwriter for hire is clearly taking off.

‘‘It’s all just started happening this year,” Furler says. ‘‘I don’t know who talked me up in the pop world but word has spread that I’m easygoing and fast at writing songs. I can clear my mind and lyrics just come out, it’s very easy for me. Christina said, ‘It’s so easy to write with you’ and that’s the ultimate compliment.”

Furler’s third album, Some People Have Real Problems, was released in January last year.

Hidden track Buttons became a radio hit; the album reached No.26 on the US chart.

The success was all the more impressive considering Furler has long shunned offers of a major record deal. She’ll finish album No.4 in April, then has to deal with ‘‘all the boring politics that come with making an album actually happen once it’s been recorded” to ensure a release by October.


This wonder duo /collaboration is set to make waves, and Sia truly is on the fame gravy train from here on in with her incredible talent.