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Key Loch Ft. Missy Crissy - Frozen 150x150

It’s finally here! Key Loch’s FROZEN by Madonna on Spotify!

Last week, we brought you the exciting news that Key Loch had teamed up with Missy Crissy to bring us a new banger! Madonna’s “Frozen” is a track that was truly ahead of its time upon its release, and it’s cherished in the modern world.

You can definitely see just how much passion is held for this amazing song, especially in Key Loch’s cover. Without further ado, here it is!

What do you think between the two versions? The extra kick and pacing in the guitar and drums sure does spice it up, and we’re definitely enjoying this take on it! It really helps express the pain in the track.
This new hit from the dynamic duo known for their excellent work with Southpaw is making waves already, having been featured on Highland FM’s 100% Home-Grown show! Key Loch are on a roll, considering how well the other hits from Key Loch’s Damien Reilly and Justin Gross went, those being Where Is The Love and Come Home To Me! In the case of Frozen, we have the one and only Missy Crissy on vocals this time, ready to send chills down your spine! And Spotify isn’t the only place you can find it – it’s on all major distribution and streaming networks online!

If Frozen does half as well as Key Loch’s crown jewel Where Is The Love, the entire world will be frozen in awe at this soulful song yet! And as if that wasn’t enough, some remixes are on their way from the talented Gabe Rizza and the Blue Pie Records DJ team, so keep a sharp eye out! This may be the next big thing. Also if you’re interested in the lyrics, check out the previous story we made on this release by clicking here!

Love is a bird, she needs to fly! And we’re loving all this content Key Loch is delivering to our doorstep. The internet has been their playground lately, as has the radio world! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next… so until then, we’ll be keeping a close eye on their spicy Spotify to warm our frozen worlds!

Key Loch are Damien Reilly and Justin Gross. They are the founders of the 90’s power Aussie Rock Band Southpaw They bring together a production history between them of 50 years of song writing and playing live music in Australia. Key Loch’s expert playing guarantees that every time you listen to “Frozen”, it’ll hit you right where it counts. The future is bright and Key Loch are wearing shades as they unlock the musical doors of your mind and fill it full of great music. This is the beginning of something amazing and the world can never have enough of GREAT music.

Key Loch are a Blue Pie Records USA artist published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for the world. For more information on Key Loch you can visit their website at or check out where it all began for Damien and Justin at Southpaw |


Newspaper stardom for Ordior! Our partner company, Bon Scott, and Wolfmother make Daily Telegraph headlines!

The local Daily Telegraph for Bowral recently printed a story on our partner company Ordior, which you can read in full here if you’re a subscriber to their paper. Alternatively, you could click here to read and download a PDF. Either way, Ordior are seeing stars lately! First our partner company Blue Pie and Ordior both get the rights to support a Late Night Tales album, then after that, Ordior and DJ Central’s clients’ music was chosen to be represented multiple times on both local and online radio, THEN Ordior teamed up and started a business partnership with Gavin Parry of Fairphonic, and now this!

As Adelaide Lang, writer of the article, puts it:

“Ordior is the Moss Vale company making noise in the recording industry by recovering lost and unclaimed artist royalties for music giants like Bon Scott and Wolfmother.”

It’s not uncommon for artists to lose around 20% of their revenue, so to be supporting legendary musicians of AC/DC fame and beyond is a dream come true every day the members of Ordior work. With well over 60 ways of identifying lost royalties for over 350 labels and artists is a monumental task that demands Ordior’s staff chip away at it, shift by shift, person by person. This is the job of an army sometimes. To have their efforts acknowledged by the Telegraph is beyond amazing and everyone in the Ordior office is thrilled.

Ordior’s pursuit of the NSW State Government Regional Job Creation Fund was also mentioned. Should they reach this goal, they’ll be hammering publicity like never before, and hopefully spreading opportunity all across the Highlands along with us here at DJ Central! We’d like to extend our special thanks to Adelaide Lang and the Telegraph for featuring Ordior, and for Chair of the Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce Steve Horton’s kind comments featured in the article. Here’s to a brighter future and to a great 2021 full of music and the rewards that artists deserve for their talent and time spent!

highland fm logo

One last hoorah! DJ Central featuring on 100% Home-Grown one final time.

100% Home-Grown is 107.1’s one-stop show for excellent indie Aussie hits. For the past six sessions that host Lea has been on the air, our MCs Mighty and Pyrite have been guests on her show, helping sponsor it and sharing our music catalogues, getting both our library and Lea’s onto the air!  The 8th of April was the last time DJ Central and Blue Pie are set to feature for some time, and just like the other sessions, it was a blast and a privilege.

home grown










Featuring from 6PM til 7PM, Mighty and Pyrite helped Lea make Thursday evening special once again, and even gave Key Loch’s new cover of Madonna’s “Frozen” a proper radio debut!

It was a pleasure to be on the show for this final trip, hosting before a live performance later in the evening, and assisting Lea. We’re very thankful we’ve been given this awesome opportunity to get these artists out there across the Southern Highlands one last time. Take a look at the sort of talent we showcased this week!

But the music isn’t the only reason Mighty and Pyrite have been featured so many times now. They’re actually being trained so they can run their own show! Lea has very kindly worked with the MCs and treated their cameos as teaching opportunities, and Adam, the big boss at Highland FM, has also given the boys a hand and helped them get adjusted to how the world of radio works. This is the first time the two MCs have stepped into the radio world proper, and with guidance from excellent folks like these, the show they’re working on is bound to be sweet! So the boys saying goodbye is only for now… soon they’ll have their own show and be able to bring you the best that Blue Pie and DJ Central has to offer every airing! Thanks for the tutorials and cameos Adam and Lea, and we’re looking forward to the future! Blue Pie and DJ Central loved their time on 100% Home-Grown and we’re all looking forward to what Pyrite and Mighty do with the essential DJ Central and Blue Pie in the Sky on Highland FM!

If you want to see what else is on store at this excellent radio station, we have you covered – the schedule is easy to navigate! And if you need something else to scratch your itch after you’re done with 100% home grown, well… stay tuned on the Blue Pie show. We’ll keep you updated on the whens and wheres, we promise. It’s just around the corner, and proper preparation is beginning this week! Get hype!

And of course, the website is here to fill you in on every detail you could ever want!

Remember, Southern Highlands – the radio hosts at 107.1 are all VOLUNTEERS, WORKING FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC! Bump this station loud and support the magnificent work they do out of the passion in their hearts! That’s why the radio waves in the Highland FM logo form a heart… because that’s what everyone involved with these projects puts into them every single day! We’re proud to sponsor this excellent service, and we’re honoured to have been featured so frequently before our own show has even been established. It’s almost here, and we’ll blast it from the rooftops once it is! Keep your ears open. The world of the Southern Highlands is about to be rocked to the core!


Fairphonic and Ordior teaming up! Chairman Gavin Parry in strategic partnership with Ordior.

Following recent developments, our partner company Ordior has collaborated with Fairphonic! Gavin Parry, the former executive Vice President of Sony Music Asia Pacific, has joined Fairphonic as its chairman. Parry has expressed enthusiasm regarding his new position, as well as Fairphonic’s partnership with Ordior – as seen in this article on The Music Network, Damien Reilly, the CEO of both our company and Ordior, is glad for this partnership to unfold. He’s optimistic for the future collaborations between these two media powerhouses! Fairphonic and Ordior are bound to blend together nicely.

“Our two companies go hand in hand, with Fairphonic using its unique technology to identify revenue opportunities and unclaimed royalties, and then for Ordior to use our experienced staff, systems and forensic processes to maximise the collections,” Reilly said.

Gavin Parry also had much to say on his faith in Ordior and our capabilities as a team.

“Many of the technology players in rights management have back end teams in South East Asia or India which have mixed results. What we have achieved with this partnership, is a back end team for Fairphonic that is well trained, experienced, cost effective and supported. As Fairphonic grows we expect that Ordior will launch offices in other NSW regional centres, providing high quality employment to youth in those communities”.

Gavin also shared his excitement on his LinkedIn profile.

Fairphonic is planning significant additions to its board in the next few months, and a Series A round is planned in late 2021. Reilly will also join Fairphonic as a Strategic Advisor.

Ordior has compiled a press release outlining these events, which you can download and read by clicking here.

With well over 20 years of experience in the industry, Parry is well-equipped to interact with the digital landscape and pioneer many new futures for both Ordior and Fairphonic. Already Fairphonic has achieved much in the short time Parry has been working with the company, having identified billions of unclaimed views on a 20 track sample. Ordior is a kindred spirit with Fairphonic, as they have achieved great milestones for their roster of over 100 clients. We extend our congratulations to Ordior, and are excited for them to work hand-in-hand with Fairphonic and expand their mutual influence throughout both NSW and the online space. With this partnership, the sky’s the limit for both of them!

rave with dave 42

Dave is BACK to RAVE! Who’s Dave? Who cares! Just rave!

50 brand spanking new rave compilations are heading your way at the speed of light! We hinted that there’d be more of them, when we talked about Mavis Wants To Rave With Us recently. Now here’s the payoff! Remember Dave Said To Rave and Stark Raving Mad? Well Dave from the former compilation series is back. Who is he? Does he even exist? Slow down there. Existential crisises are for bad trippers, it’s all good over here! Listen to some of these slappers from the latest Blue Pie and DJ Central compilation series, RAVE with DAVE!

But it wasn’t just DJ Central and Blue Pie working on this one. As it always is with these recent rave compilations, we have thanks to owe to EdiNet! And with the other rave compilations we have yet to report on, we’ll be owing our thanks to them for a while yet to come! A label partner of ours, EdiNet specialise in EDM and electronica music, and their collection is the perfect thing to vibe to. These funky covers were designed by our in-house design & admin specialist Sara Cornish, and one thing’s for sure, they truly pop! The stylistic blend and choice of colours to bring features out of greyscale and the image choices are perfect for attracting our attention and getting us in the dancing mood, just as they have been with the other entries in this series. Sara has been working very hard on all the covers for these compilation albums, and it really shows. You’ll be able to see more of her work in the future too, considering there’s a ton more compilations we haven’t talked about yet! Those will be out soon…

EDM is insane in Latin America, and it makes sense. As a culture, Latinos are all about passion, and passionately dancing is the name of the game with tracks like this! These rave compilations are proving to be quite popular in Argentina and the rest of Latin America as well, and we also have the amazing LATAM marketing team to thank for that!

Hammering the promotion for works just like RAVE with DAVE night and day, they’re making sure that the people who desperately wanna hear music like this and discover some fresh blood will have every chance to! We extend our greatest thanks to them and we thank them for what they’ve been doing – the results are plain and simple to see before us, considering how popular some of these songs are on these comps! They’re all available on Spotify, Amazon, and all other major online retailers, so what are you waiting for?

These raving releases are expansive and are ready for you to jam out to for hours on end! With tons and tons of excellent tracks, the most popular of which have more than 5K plays, there’s no limit to what kind of bonkers parties you’re going to have with these! Rave ’til you’re withered and senior, rave until you can’t stop… because one thing’s for sure, rave is never going to stop! So the only thing that remains to be seen is: how long can YOU last?! Longer than Dave? Depends if you believe in the stamina of hypothetical beings. Either way, see you next time for more EDM goodness!

styleh good vibe

Styleh taking on 2021 in Style with Good Vibe!

It feels like FOREVER since we last got a Styleh release (get it?) but rest assured he’s been working hard to bring us some good vibes, vibes so good that they named his latest song! Styleh wants to bring his positive message to the world in this new year, lest we end up like we did in 2020. Gotta stay positive early on! We’re still in April for now, but just you watch, next week it’ll be August, then the day after it’ll be December, then next week it’ll be 2031. It’s a bit overwhelming. Styleh is here to help you out with that.

The single is out now on all major online retailers and streaming services. It’s got a beat that’ll make you swing your hips and soothing vocals that’ll make you feel uplifted. It’s a bright song for dark times.

When asked what inspired him to create this song, Styleh had the following to say.

“What inspired me to write this song was that I am tired of this pandemic stuff, I am tired of staying at home doing nothing. All my girls all over Africa and all over the world are tired of staying at home without enjoying life too, we all want to to party and explore the world, so I decided to write this song to make the ladies out there to dance to this Good Vibe.”

This track is 100% swoon guaranteed, and now it’s easy to see why! Well, you heard him girls. Get ready to dance! Your parties in real life will be back soon, all going well.

But there’s more to this song than that quote of course. If you’re curious, we even happen to have the making-of video right here for you!

Styleh has hit a real winner with this one, and we’re already jamming out to it. We already can’t wait for his next release, and we’re glad we’ll have this to tide us over until then, and until the pandemic ends! We’re all tired of it, Styleh. Thank you for providing us with something to make the experience a little more bearable – we’ll add it to your catalogue, which is full of great tracks that can also help us survive the bad times!

Styleh has been working his musical craft since 2010 and it really shows. He’s no newcomer, and many African listeners would be able to back up this sentiment without even a second thought! So really, the only variable is you, the reader. Will you dip your toe in and discover more of what Styleh has to offer? We can see you being pleasantly surprised…