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DL Down3r - Moonrocks

DL Down3r giving away tickets for the 6th annual Jingle Jam! Will he see you there?

6th annual jingle jam

The 6th Annual Jingle Jam is here! DJ Quick, Magic Girl, and of course DL Down3r himself will be attending. It’s gonna be a great way to see out the year, and we’re sure that it’ll be worth every penny for the tickets.

But say that you didn’t have to spend a penny… wouldn’t that be nice? It could very well be a reality, too. Thanks to a special promotion from Mr Suga Boom Boom!

‘Who wants to win tickets to the 6th annual Jingle Jam December 14th 2019???
To see “Dj Quick”.. “Magic Girl” “Suga boom boom” and more!!!!! I’m giving away 5 free Tix to this year’s Jingle Jam!!! All you got to do is
1). Share this post!!
2). Tag as many people as possible in post
3). Subscribe to my YouTube channel Bellow
4). Screenshot subscription in comments Bellow not hard right???

5 winners will be drawn live on my YouTube Channel December 1st!!


It certainly isn’t hard! All you need to do is subscribe to his Youtube Channel by clicking here, then share his Facebook post about the event by clicking here, and tag a bunch of your friends. Then, prove that you subscribed with a screenshot in the comments! Sounds dead simple to me. Good luck, and good hunting!

But in case you were wanting to make sure you were seeing DL live and weren’t the gambling type, here are the event details!

14th December 2019 – 6th Annual Jingle Jam
Call Unique for more info: 505-804-8332
Saturday, 14th December 2019 from 7PM-11:30
414 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Tickets $25. Meet N Greet Front Row $80.
Doors open at 6PM, Show starts at 7PM. All Ages.

Can we expect to see you there from 6pm?! All details are on the flyer and BandsInTown!


But in case you’ve been living under a rock, you might be wondering who DL is and why you should attend? Wonder no further- consider this a tutorial in supreme hip hop!

We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with this song as soon as you put it on. It’s his most popular viral hit for a reason! Bump Suga Boom Boom with pride and get lost in its catchiness!
There’s a reason that DL’s music has qualified for a movie placement- they have true quality.

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!

before the dawn

Before The Dawn is on Amazon Prime! Invinceable and DL Down3r featuring!

The feature film “Before the Dawn” is now out on Amazon Prime, and it features tracks from Invinceable of Miracle West Entertainment, and DL Down3r!

The young star coming out of Mike C’s record label Miracle West Entertainment and the west coast viral hit have contributed some of their best bangers to the film’s soundtrack, with Invinceable featuring with his classic bop “Pump Pump”, and DL Down3r dropping “Throw It Up”, his west coast slapper featuring LadyDice!

The movie features the following synopsis on IMDb: “A young high school teacher moves to a new town for a fresh start and falls for a troubled student.” Solid premise, and as you can see from the sheer amounts of accolades the film has earned, the premise appears to have been used for all it’s worth!


But what sort of songs can we expect to hear from an impressive film like this? What if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of either of these bangers? Well, as always with most things musically related, Spotify has you covered.

Invinceable- Pump Pump:

DL Down3r & LadyDice- Throw It Up:

Got your popcorn? Well good, because this film is now LIVE and ready to be streamed straight into your living room through Amazon Prime!

Click here to watch the trailer!



And click here to check out the movie proper, complete with its banging OST!

You won’t regret it! As user directortim2012 says in his IMDb review, ‘An illicit affair, done with “class.” OK, given it’s an affair between a teacher and a student, that was kind of pun. But it’s true! Given the premise, I kind of expected something like late-night Cinemax fare. But this film gave me way more than that. The affair in the story plays out in a very real, un-soapy kind of way. I believed in the reality of the characters and I felt for them. That’s not to say the film isn’t sexy… it is. But it’s done with more sophistication and aplomb than one might expect. Well shot and especially well acted, by two very beautiful young actors. (The student kind of reminded me of a young Johnny Depp.) A very enthusiastic recommend for this movie!’ And there are plenty of other glowing reviews out there!


Why not check out some of the reviews on Before The Dawn’s Facebook…

…or in the comments of the Amazon Prime page?

You could also check out the official website if you wanna be part of their mailing list!

If you need more than this to tide you over, check out DL Down3r’s facebook for updates on him, LadyDice’s facebook for updates on her, or Miracle West’s facebook for updates on Invinceable and Mike C!

DL Down3r - Moonrocks

A new album from Down3r and crew?! Say hello to Moonrocks!

DL Down3r - Moonrocks

It was the month of August that heralded what Down3r fans worldwide have been waiting for- a new Down3r album. The words of the man himself have excited the fandom across the globe!

“My new single “MoonRocks” feat. Young Quicks & Bigg Cixx!!! Drops on September 13th!!! on all platforms!!! Make sure u show some love for this blapper!!!! Video drops same day Sept,13th Given you that special!!! Shout out to @guapcityproductions @biggcixx @youngquicks @drzodiak_ @actormichaelflores @kyledenmead
@thedldown3r @mikemilli314 @luckysuntzu

Bigg Cixx, Young Quicks, and DL all on the same album! It’s gonna be a banger for sure! And the sick album artwork is getting all of us hype too! They’re releasing the album via Distro Kid this time, and we have a feeling it’s gonna blow up! Special thanks to all involved in making this musical dream come true! Let’s drum some hype up and close out with some of the trio’s hits! Bump that volume up.

Here’s DL and Bigg Cixx collaborating together for their first video, No L’s!

And we got some bangers for you straight from Young Quicks’ Spotify!

Can’t wait for the new album! Bound to bring out the best of all their talents! Get HYPE!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And you gotta check out Suga Boom Boom while you’re listening- can’t complete the DL experience without it!

kay l

Kay L wins! Zimbabwe Artist Of The Year!


Take a gander at that beautiful sight! It’s a dream come true- one that if you click here, you’ll see that we were sitting with our fingers crossed and hoping for!

Kay L has taken the nomination that we mentioned in our last article about him and won it!

“An individual or group who have demonstrated great musicianship, quality and uniqueness of music, and performances throughout the year. They will have a huge presence and impact on their audience/listeners on multiple channels.”

That’s the criteria. Does that sound like Kay L to you? It sure does to me! So it makes sense that he won the “Music Artist of the Year” category! You can read all about it and check out the accolades of his fans and loved ones here!

ZAA Canada (Zimbabwe Achievers Awards) have just granted Kay L the award. The other nominees were no slouches either, and their music was fantastic too- the likes of Ruvarashe Mutseka, Napitapi, Ekhaya Music, and Melissa Natasha – Rain Akai were also in the running! For the full nominations list for each category and more information, click here. Kay L is no stranger to winning awards for his excellent talent, and it’s delightful to add another one to the list!

If you need to re-familiarise yourself with Kay L, click here to read more about one of his latest singles!

Or if you wanna just jump straight into his music, we have you covered! Check out his popular songs on Spotify, with fantastic hits like La La Love and Nothing 2 U!


We’d like to wish Kay L a hearty congratulations and say with pride that we look forward to supporting his talented musical skills in the future! Let this occasion be testament to his passion and experience!

Kay L’s Facebook can be found HERE:

Speaking of Facebook, check out this teaser from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me!

The Olivia Project Vol.2 1440x1440 JPEG

The Olivia Project bring new life to Olivia Newton-John’s greatest hits !

DJ Central goes into dance overtime and presents “The Olivia Project – Volume 2”. With 17 songs dance pop killers songs for you to dance the night away.

Paula Lacovich is the Olivia Project and now re-ignites these classic hits for the world for your listening and dancing pleasure. The albums are out now on Pride Music.

In 1996, “The Olivia Project”, had major chart success in ASIA and Europe with “Spend The Night” and ” Xanadu”. Both tracks achieved 10 in Japan, Australia and the UK

In 2018 DJ Central Records and Pride Music bring you a double digital release with Volume 1 and 2 of Olivia N-J’s biggest hits such as “Xanadu”, or “Twist of Fate”.

Volume 2 now has over 250,000 plays on Spotify in less than three days. Paula Lacovich aka The Olivia Project is heading back to the top of the charts again.

Check out all the links below and DANCE the night away!!!

soul profile 2

It comes from the Soul

Bobby Soul’s Soulful voice is like none other. Bobby was brought up listening to classic RnB and Soul, enabling him to generate his own unique sound that resembles iconic artists such as ‘Stevie Wonder’, ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ and ‘Hall and Oats’. The multi-talented artist is a producer, singer, songwriter and engineer with a diverse background enabling him to generate music that is contemporary and unique.

He has worked with some of the most iconic artists globally including ‘Justin Bieber’, ‘Keri Hilson’, ‘Flo Rida’ and ‘Kelly Rowland’ which is a testimonial to his sheer talent and market understanding.

Recently returning from two tours with ‘Snoop Dogg’ and one with ’50 Cent’ this is an artist to watch out for. Soul has just recently signed a publishing deal with DJ Central in Hong Kong, releasing his debut single ‘Let Go’ ft. ‘Los Moreno’ with the company.

‘Let Go’ produces a fresh, slow-paced, alluring beat that incorporates a variety of instrumentals generating an exclusive sound that mirrors an old school ‘Usher’ making it the perfect combination of RnB/Pop and the next club anthem.

Bobby Soul is globally renowned and DJ Central is honoured to be associated with such a refined and experienced artist.

Check out ‘Let Go’ below:

Artist Links:

Comp Cards:
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