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She’s A Mod, She’s Hot, and She’s Got The Lot! A new vid from Dino Jag and Ray Columbus!

The triple threat of Dino Jag, Ray Columbus and the Invaders, as well as Damien Reilly, have launched a new video for a classic hit! We would of course all remember the classic groovy hits from Dino and the gang in their previous outings. The various versions of She’s A Mod are all funky and dance worthy to say the very least! Released on Spotify in 2018, this EP fast became legendary.

Now, in a new and fantastic development, the last track on the EP is finally given a sexy music video!

Steamy, to say the least. And the blues-like guitar number mixed with the modern stings and filters, along with the harmonious backing vocals, all really make this track stand out… not just among the three on the EP, but among songs in general! “Feels so hot” is right! This takes us all the way back to the Mods and Rockers movement… it’s as if that movement took place in the 2010s! This aesthetic is unbeatable, even though it’s hypothetical. She knows she’s good, she feels so hot! And if you can’t get enough of her, we have what you need right here!

Dino Jag | Damien Reilly | She’s a Mod

Dino Jag vs Ray Columbus and the Invaders – She’s A Mod She’s Hot | Video links

Dino has produced a series of remix projects with Blue Pie’s Damien Reilly, including these sweet collabs on Ray’s work. Together these two greats have remixed one of New Zealands biggest selling physical singles of all time “Shes a Mod”, Rusty Andersons “Hurt Myself“, featuring Sir Paul McCartney on bass, backing vocals and guitars and Australia’s singing legend “Mr Barry Crocker” and his song “Shine a light”.

As Damien Reilly says: “Dino is one of the best artists that I have ever worked with. He is quick of the mark with his ideas are always overflowing with infectious melody”. You can surely see that this holds 100% true with this! Everything from the visuals of the video to the addictive flow of the track is reflective of that very statement.

Dino is gaining more and more worldwide recognition, and with names like this to his recording credits, already the world is at his feet. Download Dino Jag’s work now from your favourite platforms such as iTunes, or stream these great songs from Spotify!

The Suga Boom Boom dance! Judithilen’s got some moves you can do too!

Like we said last time, Judithilen is one of our latest Tik Tok stars! And yes, her Instagram is suga boom booming with her awesome dance moves just as much. She’s done 5 dance vids for us so far!

But last time, we hinted at something a bit more specific…

“…we hinted that we might be working on something to make it easier to get off your feet and dance… well, surprise, Judith’s input has also led to that, and we just put it right in front of your nose in secret! Can’t figure out what it is? Don’t worry, we’ll explain that in depth soon “

So just what was that? What was put in front of your nose? It was this video. Surprise! It contains the instructions to Judithilen’s SUGA BOOM BOOM DANCE! And now you can follow along too!

@judithilen Dance steps for sugaBOomBOom ##SugaBoomBoomKC##TikTikTikBoomBoom ##fyp ##foryoupage ##dance ##music ##cosplay.@keycrashers @bluepierecords♬ Suga Boom Boom – Remix – Key Crashers & DL Down3r

Now it’s finally time to see the #TikTikTikBoomBoom and #SugaBoomBoomKC twin movements becoming YOURS to contribute towards! Did the video go by a bit fast? Not sure how to do the dance? Does it look complicated? We got you there, no worries! You can make the Macarena look extremely intricate, but as we all know, it’s built off several fundamental and simple steps! Here are the written and illustrated steps to the Suga Boom Boom dance, plus a slowed down gif so you can see it properly in motion! Feel free to innovate on these moves and flow how you want to on the dance floor! Feel free to embellish on them – Judith did way more than these simple steps, but that’s the fun of dance, how it can flow from simple movements into all kinds of crazy stuff! Let your imagination go wild!


Suga Boom Boom Dance ANIMATED

Once you’ve got a good grasp of it, be sure to SEND US YOUR VIDS OF YOUR SUGA BOOM BOOM DANCE! Contact us for more info! We wanna see you imitating this dance as best as you can – doesn’t have to be super complicated or intense, just go for it and have fun, that enthusiasm is what we’re really looking for! If we like it enough, who knows… you might get featured on our Tik Tok or other social media, like we did with this talented individual’s sick shuffle!

@bluepierecords##sugaboomboom That footwork is impressive! Most people would end up stumbling over themselves tryina dance like that…reckon you can give it a shot?♬ original sound – bluepierecords

Not everyone has the dexterity for footwork that fancy, but that part doesn’t matter so much. We just want to see people expressing love for Suga Boom Boom the world over, in the same way Judithilen has. Doesn’t matter if your feet can’t keep up! Just dance the day away first of all, and we’ll love you for just that!

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Nice meme! The Key Crashers and internet animator Randowis in one package!

Who’s up for a cheeky little bit of fun? We certainly were, when we made this! See, we took the Key Crashers’ remix of Suga Boom Boom…

And this amazing animation “Monday Blues” from Youtuber Randowis…And combined them!


##suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom the Key Crashers remix! Original animation by RandoWis on Youtube!

♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

Yeah, like we hinted at last time in our latest DJ Central TV news blast article, we made a Tik Tok, and that’s our very first video. You proud of us? Well, we made a longer version of this meme for other websites… here’s the player, and a few links!


Yeah, okay, we had some fun at work, what of it. Yeah. We spread it everywhere. Yeah. We got excited. So WHAT! It was for the good cause of some banging tracks that we really can’t get enough of, and the bobby bouncy stretchy style of Randowis that we can’t stop watching! His talent and that of the Key Crashers have given us cause to create a tribute to the music we love… and of course we can’t leave DL Down3r, original creator of Suga Boom Boom, out of the accolades!

Yeah right, as if we would. Well, now that everything’s accounted for, that just leaves you! Did you like our meme? Would you enjoy seeing tik toks and other memes like it in the future? Has this inspired you to check out Randowis, the Key Crashers, or DL Down3r? If so, why not share it around? Click on the links or the embedded players and there’ll be a button, begging for your attention. :^) Much like the other dancers around the cat girl in the animation. Is it safer to ignore them, or will that just make it worse by making them angry…? Only the cursed squad knows. That, and the mischievous damned cat at the end.

But this is far from all – be sure to check out this article for a refresher on just how many different ways KC and Down3r’s fans are contributing towards the Suga Boom Boom remixes!

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Tekno’s hitting us with bangers! Multiple releases!

This 2020 is a tough time for many, but artists like Tekno are here to make it not only bearable, but perhaps even memorable in a good way! We wanna get the word out on the media about what he’s been getting up to lately, because all things considered, it’s really quite impressive!

Just to remind you, or perhaps inform newcomers: in 2019, Tekno featured with several other African all-stars on Beyoncé’s album, “The Lion King: The Gift”, a companion album to the recent Triple A Disney film. Tekno, Yemi Alade, & Mr. Eazi hit it out of the park with “Don’t Jealous Me”. In the same year he signed a non-exclusive agreement with Blue Pie Records USA and Blue Pie Publishing USA.

It’s a huge accreditation for Tekno to feature on one of Beyoncé’s albums, and this step into true stardom was made along with several other African artists of equally high caliber! Tekno is amassing quite a career for himself!

But it doesn’t stop there. In late 2019, Tekno also dropped an amazing single on us, “Better”.

Still didn’t stop there, however! We’re barely out of March, and already Tekno has released three more singles on Spotify! Slow down, Tekno! Actually, on second thoughts, don’t. This is perfect.

With Beh Beh, Senorita, and Hit (ADM Remix) under his belt for the new year already, what more could the madlad have in store for us in the remaining 9 months of the year and beyond?! We can’t wait to find out! We’ve become a regular visitor to his Spotify playlists, and we’ve been jumping with excitement each time a new arrival to the music collection makes itself known! Each is as welcome as the last, and we look to the future to hear what more this creative Tour De Force has waiting in the wings! You know what they say about great artists – whatever their medium is, they won’t stop creating!

As you can see, the clout Tekno brings to the table in his music isn’t just for show, and he has what it takes to back it up! Tekno featuring on Beyoncé’s amazing album is just the tip of the iceberg.

Official Links:

Password brings Life back to soundcloud!

We recently gushed about Password’s latest single Ùwése, but much to our delighted surprise, it doesn’t end there! Released fresh onto the DJ Central Soundcloud, here’s Life!

The track hits kind of different, so brace yourself for this one! It’s one that’s bound to be a modern classic and make many memories. That’s Life!

Ùwése was Password’s first single of 2020, and Life is a strong follow up for his second single. This continues Password’s tradition of favouring strong singles over albums most of the time! WIth that being said, sometimes he dabbles. Password = Password is an album featuring many other songs that were once singles, but are now all in one convenient and inspired collection. Thought and care was put into choosing the songs, and the mood throughout the album shifts in such a way that it couldn’t have been thrown together in a random order. Love was put into this album.

But for an album like that, considerable work had to have been put into each of the individual songs! Case in point…

Ùwése is a song of gratitude told through an adaptation of the Bini language, a deep language with a rich cultural heritage. From Ùwése to Amaghimo to the famous Gobe, and now to Life, Password has everything you could ever want in an artist.
If you like Password, also be sure to treat yourself to this compilation of hits from Africa- of course, ‘Gobe’ is included!

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DL Down3r giving away tickets for the 6th annual Jingle Jam! Will he see you there?

6th annual jingle jam

The 6th Annual Jingle Jam is here! DJ Quick, Magic Girl, and of course DL Down3r himself will be attending. It’s gonna be a great way to see out the year, and we’re sure that it’ll be worth every penny for the tickets.

But say that you didn’t have to spend a penny… wouldn’t that be nice? It could very well be a reality, too. Thanks to a special promotion from Mr Suga Boom Boom!

‘Who wants to win tickets to the 6th annual Jingle Jam December 14th 2019???
To see “Dj Quick”.. “Magic Girl” “Suga boom boom” and more!!!!! I’m giving away 5 free Tix to this year’s Jingle Jam!!! All you got to do is
1). Share this post!!
2). Tag as many people as possible in post
3). Subscribe to my YouTube channel Bellow
4). Screenshot subscription in comments Bellow not hard right???

5 winners will be drawn live on my YouTube Channel December 1st!!


It certainly isn’t hard! All you need to do is subscribe to his Youtube Channel by clicking here, then share his Facebook post about the event by clicking here, and tag a bunch of your friends. Then, prove that you subscribed with a screenshot in the comments! Sounds dead simple to me. Good luck, and good hunting!

But in case you were wanting to make sure you were seeing DL live and weren’t the gambling type, here are the event details!

14th December 2019 – 6th Annual Jingle Jam
Call Unique for more info: 505-804-8332
Saturday, 14th December 2019 from 7PM-11:30
414 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Tickets $25. Meet N Greet Front Row $80.
Doors open at 6PM, Show starts at 7PM. All Ages.

Can we expect to see you there from 6pm?! All details are on the flyer and BandsInTown!


But in case you’ve been living under a rock, you might be wondering who DL is and why you should attend? Wonder no further- consider this a tutorial in supreme hip hop!

We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with this song as soon as you put it on. It’s his most popular viral hit for a reason! Bump Suga Boom Boom with pride and get lost in its catchiness!
There’s a reason that DL’s music has qualified for a movie placement- they have true quality.

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!