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blackfacenaija african queen

The legendary African Queen has finally gotten the video and single it deserves!

BlackFaceNaija has often had new fans discover him through his legendary African Queen track. It’s quite possible that many readers reading this now will find the sight of this album pleasantly familiar!

Well no longer will the track end up buried. With songs this good, they deserve to be released as singles so they have a chance to shine all on their own! As good as the rest of the album is, we’re certain plenty of people looped African Queen on repeat once they heard it for the first time, the play numbers alone tell us that. Well, finally, African Queen now has its own single AND brand new shiny music video!

At long last, African Queen will be able to stand on its own two feet, as it’s distributed rapidly across all major online retailers and streaming services such as Spotify. Taking on all bets, how quickly will these play numbers skyrocket for this standout smash hit? Judging from the album version, the single version has a long way to travel, but should have no trouble blowing up in a similar fashion! How quick will it beat 4 million? Well, given that it’s already broken a thousand plays on Spotify and 84 thousand plays on Youtube after it being released only recently… we’ll have to wait and see. But we have high hopes with THAT kind of popularity!

BlackFaceNaija has really made a name for himself lately, and every day his music furthers his shining star in the musical cosmos. This is just one example of the quality he regularly produces!

BlackFaceNaija is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and published exclusively by Blue Pie Publishing USA. For more information on BlackFaceNaija please check out the following links.



Standaard is still kicking! Last Try Before Goodbye and Geloof In Mij!

We left off with Standaard in 2019 with Just Try Love Again and Dansen En Vergeten.

And it’s been a while! We missed em! So lo and behold, what we expected has come to pass. Standaard HAVEN’T slowed down in the least, and we got two new releases on our hands, and boy are they bangers!

That’s the sound we’ve been missing! That flavour! The Euro club experience, that nostalgic throwback that somehow still manages to remain timeless – that’s what Standaard are known for to us, and it’s why we keep coming back! These latest tracks have NOT disappointed!

Geloof In Mij came in to our lives in the tail-end of 2019, and Last Try Before Goodbye is here to help us through 2020! We’re hoping there’ll be plenty more from them this year… pretty please, Standaard? 2020 has been rough, and we could use some of your funky vibes to help us dance away our stress 😭

We’re pretty sure, knowing Standaard, that we won’t have to wait long!

STANDAARD is the perfect artist for chilling, excitement, and everything in between. They’re criminally underrated, and these new releases are hyper than hype! So blast them from your speakers and feel that summery sea breeze embrace you! Europe has some amazing party bops and it’s clear that STANDAARD are no exception when it comes to quality! Party on!

Check out STANDAARD at the following links:




Tekno has got some new juicy singles – Sudden and Kata!

Last time, we celebrated Tekno releasing some new singles, and “Beh Beh” numbered among them – check it out if you need a refresher! It’s on all major online retailers.


Check out the story linked above – there’s more than just Beh Beh to discover there! But stick around before that… because there’s still more to discover here on this page. Two new singles fresh from Tekno – first up is Sudden!

All of a sudden, Sudden comes into our lives and shows us what we’ve been missing from our playlists! The catchy beats are just as fresh as Don’t Jealous Me – the Beyoncé track that Tekno featured on! The video clip and track haven’t been out for more than a few days at the time of writing, and already they’re cropping up all over the internet from various fans and platforms. Spreading the love and passion of Tekno’s release, and the response that the fans have had to that release! But this is hardly unique. Tekno’s tracks usually undergo this process, and the other track we’re here to talk about today is no exception – that being Kata!

Just a catchy, just as creative, Tekno is sticking to the same amazing standard as he always has! It’s shocking to see that straight out the gate, Tekno has already refined his craft so well that he’s able to remain this consistently talented and passionate with each release. But oh well, he manages it somehow… and this track, too, is ready for you to delve deeper into! Once again, this absolute banger is available on all online retailers.


As you can see, the clout Tekno brings to the table in his music isn’t just for show, and he has what it takes to back it up! Tekno featuring on Beyoncé’s amazing album is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve said that before, and like other such impactful statements we repeat, we’ll say it again and again – because it’s true! And with each new track Tekno belts out, just how deep that iceberg goes becomes ever more apparent… won’t you dive in and discover it?

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Tekno’s hitting us with bangers! Multiple releases!

This 2020 is a tough time for many, but artists like Tekno are here to make it not only bearable, but perhaps even memorable in a good way! We wanna get the word out on the media about what he’s been getting up to lately, because all things considered, it’s really quite impressive!

Just to remind you, or perhaps inform newcomers: in 2019, Tekno featured with several other African all-stars on Beyoncé’s album, “The Lion King: The Gift”, a companion album to the recent Triple A Disney film. Tekno, Yemi Alade, & Mr. Eazi hit it out of the park with “Don’t Jealous Me”. In the same year he signed a non-exclusive agreement with Blue Pie Records USA and Blue Pie Publishing USA.

It’s a huge accreditation for Tekno to feature on one of Beyoncé’s albums, and this step into true stardom was made along with several other African artists of equally high caliber! Tekno is amassing quite a career for himself!

But it doesn’t stop there. In late 2019, Tekno also dropped an amazing single on us, “Better”.

Still didn’t stop there, however! We’re barely out of March, and already Tekno has released three more singles on Spotify! Slow down, Tekno! Actually, on second thoughts, don’t. This is perfect.

With Beh Beh, Senorita, and Hit (ADM Remix) under his belt for the new year already, what more could the madlad have in store for us in the remaining 9 months of the year and beyond?! We can’t wait to find out! We’ve become a regular visitor to his Spotify playlists, and we’ve been jumping with excitement each time a new arrival to the music collection makes itself known! Each is as welcome as the last, and we look to the future to hear what more this creative Tour De Force has waiting in the wings! You know what they say about great artists – whatever their medium is, they won’t stop creating!

As you can see, the clout Tekno brings to the table in his music isn’t just for show, and he has what it takes to back it up! Tekno featuring on Beyoncé’s amazing album is just the tip of the iceberg.

Official Links:


Password brings Life back to soundcloud!

We recently gushed about Password’s latest single Ùwése, but much to our delighted surprise, it doesn’t end there! Released fresh onto the DJ Central Soundcloud, here’s Life!

The track hits kind of different, so brace yourself for this one! It’s one that’s bound to be a modern classic and make many memories. That’s Life!

Ùwése was Password’s first single of 2020, and Life is a strong follow up for his second single. This continues Password’s tradition of favouring strong singles over albums most of the time! WIth that being said, sometimes he dabbles. Password = Password is an album featuring many other songs that were once singles, but are now all in one convenient and inspired collection. Thought and care was put into choosing the songs, and the mood throughout the album shifts in such a way that it couldn’t have been thrown together in a random order. Love was put into this album.

But for an album like that, considerable work had to have been put into each of the individual songs! Case in point…

Ùwése is a song of gratitude told through an adaptation of the Bini language, a deep language with a rich cultural heritage. From Ùwése to Amaghimo to the famous Gobe, and now to Life, Password has everything you could ever want in an artist.
If you like Password, also be sure to treat yourself to this compilation of hits from Africa- of course, ‘Gobe’ is included!

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Eledami art

Styleh’s new single “Eledami” is here to style on you all!

Make way for one of the hottest new acts out of Africa, Styleh! His new record and music video are sure to show you the high standards that are required for something to be considered “stylish” nowadays.

This is one of those tracks that takes a familiar musical aesthetic and turns it on its head with a kind of catchy passion you can’t find elsewhere! Yes there are other songs like it, but nothing quite captures the same magic as it. “There are a few songs like Eledami” is like saying that all fantasy or sci-fi movies are the same! Styleh has taken the genre he was given and has ran with it to an impressive degree.

Styleh has been working his musical craft since 2010 and it really shows. He’s no newcomer, and many African listeners would be able to back up this sentiment without even a second thought! So really, the only variable is you, the reader. Will you dip your toe in and discover more of what Styleh has to offer? We can see you being pleasantly surprised…

And if you can’t get enough of Eledami, we have you covered too! Here’s to seeing much more of Styleh in the future.