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Before The Dawn is on Amazon Prime! Invinceable and DL Down3r featuring!

The feature film “Before the Dawn” is now out on Amazon Prime, and it features tracks from Invinceable of Miracle West Entertainment, and DL Down3r!

The young star coming out of Mike C’s record label Miracle West Entertainment and the west coast viral hit have contributed some of their best bangers to the film’s soundtrack, with Invinceable featuring with his classic bop “Pump Pump”, and DL Down3r dropping “Throw It Up”, his west coast slapper featuring LadyDice!

The movie features the following synopsis on IMDb: “A young high school teacher moves to a new town for a fresh start and falls for a troubled student.” Solid premise, and as you can see from the sheer amounts of accolades the film has earned, the premise appears to have been used for all it’s worth!


But what sort of songs can we expect to hear from an impressive film like this? What if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of either of these bangers? Well, as always with most things musically related, Spotify has you covered.

Invinceable- Pump Pump:

DL Down3r & LadyDice- Throw It Up:

Got your popcorn? Well good, because this film is now LIVE and ready to be streamed straight into your living room through Amazon Prime!

Click here to watch the trailer!



And click here to check out the movie proper, complete with its banging OST!

You won’t regret it! As user directortim2012 says in his IMDb review, ‘An illicit affair, done with “class.” OK, given it’s an affair between a teacher and a student, that was kind of pun. But it’s true! Given the premise, I kind of expected something like late-night Cinemax fare. But this film gave me way more than that. The affair in the story plays out in a very real, un-soapy kind of way. I believed in the reality of the characters and I felt for them. That’s not to say the film isn’t sexy… it is. But it’s done with more sophistication and aplomb than one might expect. Well shot and especially well acted, by two very beautiful young actors. (The student kind of reminded me of a young Johnny Depp.) A very enthusiastic recommend for this movie!’ And there are plenty of other glowing reviews out there!


Why not check out some of the reviews on Before The Dawn’s Facebook…

…or in the comments of the Amazon Prime page?

You could also check out the official website if you wanna be part of their mailing list!

If you need more than this to tide you over, check out DL Down3r’s facebook for updates on him, LadyDice’s facebook for updates on her, or Miracle West’s facebook for updates on Invinceable and Mike C!

It comes from the Soul

Bobby Soul’s Soulful voice is like none other. Bobby was brought up listening to classic RnB and Soul, enabling him to generate his own unique sound that resembles iconic artists such as ‘Stevie Wonder’, ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ and ‘Hall and Oats’. The multi-talented artist is a producer, singer, songwriter and engineer with a diverse background enabling him to generate music that is contemporary and unique.

He has worked with some of the most iconic artists globally including ‘Justin Bieber’, ‘Keri Hilson’, ‘Flo Rida’ and ‘Kelly Rowland’ which is a testimonial to his sheer talent and market understanding.

Recently returning from two tours with ‘Snoop Dogg’ and one with ’50 Cent’ this is an artist to watch out for. Soul has just recently signed a publishing deal with DJ Central in Hong Kong, releasing his debut single ‘Let Go’ ft. ‘Los Moreno’ with the company.

‘Let Go’ produces a fresh, slow-paced, alluring beat that incorporates a variety of instrumentals generating an exclusive sound that mirrors an old school ‘Usher’ making it the perfect combination of RnB/Pop and the next club anthem.

Bobby Soul is globally renowned and DJ Central is honoured to be associated with such a refined and experienced artist.

Check out ‘Let Go’ below:

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Get Down with DL Down3r in this fresh new beat

‘Stuck In My Ways’ ft. ‘Jay Tablet’ and ‘Zyme’ is the latest track to drop from the talented rap artist DL Down3r. The chorus is complemented by a catchy, continuous beat that sticks, while the lyrics are relatable and describe a tremulous relationship. This song represents all the traits of a successful RnB tune.

DL Down3r’s lyrical pieces are based on his personal experiences providing a raw emotion behind each of his songs with an intention to create a positive impact in the lives of those who follow him.

“I am ready to take my music to the world and make a positive impact.”

DL Down3r has supported a series of dominant Hip Hop and Urban artists featuring in over 150 shows in just the past 24 months reiterating his experience, talent and drive.

This song is not only a club anthem but a lyrical masterpiece that is relatable, raw and has a refreshing, unique RnB beat.

Check it out below:

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‘Switch’ on this sick beat by LadyDice and DL Down3r

The moment ‘Switch’ starts playing you’ll be presented with undeniable energy. The tune has a fast, consistent beat supplemented with a rapid, lyrical potion representing the best of Californian RnB. You can hear the chemistry between the duo as they bounce off each other increasing the intensity of the song.

DL Down3r claims his music is a lyrical recording of real-life, often using his experiences in prison and on the streets as the drive behind his music and no doubt this piece captures street-life in a poetic, powerful beat. LadyDice and her swift voice increases the emotion behind each lyric and presents a refreshing side to the tune making it the perfect consistency between the two voices.

This song is an epic lyrical masterpiece with a unique energy behind it, distinguishing it from typical RnB.

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Throw it up, LadyDice and DL Down3r have produced another lyrical masterpiece

The iconic duo have collaborated again to produce their newest single ‘Throw it up’ which is dedicated to California. ‘Throw it up’ produces a smooth sound complemented with an intense lyrical rhythm and undoubtedly highlights the passion the two artists have for California.

The difference in rapping styles and tone of the two artists successfully supplement each other and creates layers to the song increasing its intensity and catchy vibe.

This song is another club anthem and a devotion to the streets of Los Angeles. It is a sheer representation of the best of Californian rap and is produced with raw emotion and admiration that can be heard through both artists. The song has had over 200,000 views and been virally shared across numerous social platforms.

‘Throw it up’ represents California, its people and the talent it produces

Check it out below:

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John G reveals all in new track ‘Increase the Peace’

‘Increase the Peace’ is the latest track to drop from African hip-hop artist John G. The song produces a heavy bass beat and is accompanied by meaningful lyrics providing a raw insight into violent gang communities.

John G’s career spans over decades and was highly influenced by the talented ‘Tupac’, whose death in 1996 encouraged him to fully pursue his career in hip-hop and rap.

John G’s music is inspired by the world around him and often reflects on the life experiences many rappers have endured while trying to build a career.

“Hip Hop chose me and I have been rapping ever since I was 15 and never stopped. I have been blessed with all the musical influences that were around during my childhood and this has allowed me to develop my own unique sounds and raps”.

John G’s songs are based on love, loss and life, producing a raw emotion that will draw you in and leave you thinking.

‘Increase the Peace’ highlights the underlying truth of gang culture in a lyrical masterpiece.

Check out the track here:

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