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Team DJ Central is proud to bring you the best in music! Meet the team!

Season 6 of DJ Central is on the way! We’ve discussed this at length before, and we’ve also discussed DJ Central seasons 1 and 2 being LIVE on Amazon Prime, and also DJ Central seasons 1-5 being LIVE on Vimeo On-Demand… but our partnership with Amazon Prime and VOD didn’t spring up randomly. We’re very grateful to the Amazon team for their efforts in helping us reach this global point! And of course, DJ Central and Blue Pie had a team of their own pooling their efforts too- a team that loves to create music TV!

DJ Central’s team has many colourful characters and they each lend their hands to various roles for Blue Pie and DJ Central!

  • Damien Reilly | CEO and CTO
  • Edmund Cotter | Media Team Manager & Article Writer
  • Andrew Marmara | Admin Manager & Music Publishing
  • Sid Kirkman | Catalogue Manager
  • Asif Adnan | Webmaster
  • Naveen Joseph | Business Development
  • Brendan Paniagua | License Manager
  • Laureen Ayivi-Togbassa | Our visitor from France working in social media
  • Lloyd Cole | Marketing Manager
  • Captain Ken AKA Kenny Everest | The coolest Planet Blue Pictures USA General Manager, who produces DJ Central and Metal Central TV, and oversees the insanity of Cadillac Bill, along with the eyeball pollution that originates from those places! If you know the top secret Area 51-tier info of who Kenny is, you’re doing a bloody well good job!
  • And of course, all other contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

These are the members of the team that ensure that such quality reaches you!



We’re a group of music lovers and we like to think it shows! We are shooting season 6 and we’re all excited about the new global partnership with Vimeo On-Demand and Amazon Prime, and all our other networks! And of course, we’re honoured to be working with the artists that we are.

Who could forget DL Down3r and the hashtag competitions created due to the overwhelming popularity of his music, for instance?! You might even get a chance to get into Season 6 through his work…

Or maybe you’re more interested in the funky fresh beats of J Young? The mastermind behind the amazing “Oxygen”!

But there’s no doubt you’ll be a fan of the sweet summery bangers from STANDAARD! Perfect to listen to, but terribly distracting- it’s always hard to write about them for want of dancing your heart out!

Our pride in our artists is well-founded, as you can see. Perhaps we’ll take pride in your music some day?

Click here, we want YOUR music to be submitted for season six! Get noticed and let’s both make our dreams come true through each other’s efforts!

We’re waiting for you! Send us everything through our social medias or to! We’re keeping an eager eye out for the future of music, so give it your best shot and don’t be shy! You’ve met the team… now why not try and join us?!

Galantis YOU Remix!

Galantis’ massive second single You was destined for a remix package. The duo has already treated us to the Brillz, Still Young, and Tiesto vs.Twoloud remixes.

Christian Karlsson and producer Linus “Style of Eye” Eklöw of Galantis has cohesively produced an EP that captures the coexistence of human emotion with electronic dance music. The duo’s first self-titled Galantis EP focuses on the art of songwriting from each heart-capturing lyric to the playful melodies or as Linus says, “Music, not genres” – serves as the adhesive to the group’s creative vision. Their eclectic background extends outside of their own separate projects and into the pop world – Karlsson co-wrote and produced the GRAMMY Award winning track, “Toxic,” by Britney Spears. Eklow co-wrote and produced Icona Pop’s international #1 hit, “I Love It.”

“You,” from Galantis’ self-titled EP, made its way into Kaskade and Steve Angello’s sets at last month’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

The remix EP comes out May 26 on Big Beat Records.

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