Candy Borquay has hit #2 on ReverbNation’s hip-hop charts!

Borquay’s hard work and musical ambition has paid off! Reaching towards #1 on ReverbNation local hip-hop charts for Melbourne, the hip hop starlet is currently sitting at a close #2 and is well on her way to fame and glory!

Borquay is an established artist who revels in the hip-hop scene. This multi-talented hip hop star infuses her music with a spectrum of different styles including electro, dub step, R&B with aspects of both commercial and underground hip hop resonating through her practice.

She has an energetic stage presence that ignites her performances and makes them unforgettable. Her unique music and distinctive style is accumulating lots of attention among the music world, and promises to grow even further with her upcoming releases.

Her vocals are melodic and soulful. She layers these around thrilling vibes and basey beats. Her tracks create energetic vibes that are ready to start any party! By incorporating the electro element into her hip hop style, Borquay creates such a mesmerizing and hypnotic vibe that is addictive and tantalizing.

She has recently been working hard in the studio on some new tracks, so brace your selves because they are going to be epic! Check out her Instagram for all her studio documentation!

It’s been two years since we have seen any recent work from the lovely Candy Borquay, but based on her previous works, her latest tracks promise to be even more thrilling then the last!

While you wait in dreadful anticipation, reminisce over her beloved track, Who Are You

for more, check out her ReverbNation page