Candy Borquay, drops some raunchy teasers of her new work!

Melbourne hip-hop/electro queen has left us high and dry, releasing multiple snippets of her new work from her sound cloud page. 

We’re pulling out hair out, biting our nails and can’t sit still in our chairs from the anticipation of the release of the upcoming new album.

Cali Part sounds like it’s going to be the next club banger. The basey groove creates pumping beats that pulsate throughout the track. The lyrics are on point, leaving no second guessing of who you’re messing with.The electro break down adds a further dimension to the track. Borquay creates an exhilarating track that sets a groovy pace and an exhilarating tune with funky hip hop vibes. We can’t wait to party to this track all night long!

Head over to sound cloud to hear more teasers!

For more, check out her website