Olga_thumbnailOlga brings a wide variety of skills to the table. Her background includes work in theater  music, film, radio and event production.

Her go-getter attitude and sense of humour has amassed a reputation of being well liked by her peers and employers and for being able to follow through on commitments in timely fashion.

Olga has a great deal of integrity and true care for her work, whether her own creative productions or working for others.

She can adapt to any working environment and job description easily, and can juggle multiple tasks at the same time. She is comfortable speaking in front of large crowds and has built up a solid network of filmmakers in New Orleans.

Her lists of accolades are numerous and include short films, feature films, documentaries and TV show productions. She is a highly accomplished musician, singer and song writer and we are honoured to have Olga on the team.

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