BOXON ALL STARS compilation: OUT NOW!!!

Boxon Records have just released an All Stars Compilation which includes: Sovnger, Gooseflash & SPAAM to name a few. Intrigued? 

logoBoxonTRACKLIST :

  1. Sovnger “Dead Head feat. Lux Montes
  2. Adrarion “Encelade”
  3. Prosper (Dj) & Adam Polo “On Disco Street feat. The Woodhead
  4. Nicolas Cuer & Sebastien Bayle “Blood Havana”
  5. Lemon Peel “Love Love (Prosper & Adam Polo Remix)”
  6. Loïs Plugged & Fruckie “Ctrl On”
  7. Aert Prog “Game Code”
  8. Leonard De Leonard “Do You Get More”
  9. gooseflesh “Urban Bug”
  10. Frederic De Carvalho “To-Get-Her”
  11. Nicolas Cuer & Sebastien Bayle“Children Of Bangkok”
  12. SPAAM “Shoe Shining”.

The album has received so much positive feedback. Tell us what you think! Check it out for yourself here.

“The Bordeaux Boxon Records label returns with its fifth compilation Boxon All Stars, which will allow to get an overview of the sound range of the label, ambient, dance floor with TechHouse … 100% electro: go live alongside Sovnger, SPAAM, Lemon Peel, Adrarion, Frederic De Carvalho, Aert Prog …” (Keyboards Recording, January 2015)

Electrosexual “Super Fressssh! I’ll play for sure! »
TRANSFORMER DI ROBOTER “Love Love, Urban Bug, Children Of Bangkok, Enceladus! »
LARRY TEE “Nice Collection”
BLENDE “Nice overall comp, feeling very much” Ctrl On ‘In Particular! »
STICKY BUDS “Tunes are cool. »
GREG Kozo (MAKE THE GIRL DANCE) “A lot of very good tracks! Great job! Beautiful! »
ROBY HOWLER “Nice sound. »
SNOOBA “Good sound! Broadcasted excellent compilation ASAP! »
RORY HOY “Very strong release with Some Great artists»
TKR “Very nice compilation! Great vibes, great beats! »
Edgework “Great concept with great tracks. Sovnger track sticks to my mind! »
BREAKING NEWS “Big thanks for promo! Awesome compilation! Love it! »
REWIND “Beautiful nice cool compilation”
MEPHISTO ODYSSEY “Love the Prosper & Adam Polo Remix … Wicked tunes boys! »
March OFFICIAL “Nice”
BREAKSLDA “Solid tunes. »