Tuesday August 05, 2014

    Wondering how to take twerking to the next level?  Basement Jaxx has you covered. The British duo have released their new track Never Say Never, with an accompanying film clip wherein a motorized butt is meticulously designed by a Japanese team in order to somehow prevent a decline in the art of dancing. Basement Jaxx is insinuating that we are looking into a future where this current wave of po... Read more

  • SBTRKT are at it again!

    Friday July 25, 2014
    SBTRKT are at it again!

    The ozzy groovy British producer, SBTRKT, has just dropped a new track, and it is glorious to say the least! New Dorp, New York is the creative name of the track and to make things even better, it features the one and only Erza Koenig! The track is rhythmic and incorporates multiple unique percussion sounds. These beats are curiously complimented with the synthetic sounds of dance music. A stra... Read more

  • 17 And On Top

    Wednesday July 23, 2014
    17 And On Top

    Were you aware that the animal at the top of the Beatport food chain is a 17 year old dude?Meet Martin Garrix.  His chart topping track Animals is not the only thing he'll want to brag to all his buddies about, he is the youngest person ever to reach a number one position on Beatport. One week after it was released by Spinnin Records, Animals reached prime position.  Not to take away from 1... Read more

  • James Blake Reveals Dark New Track

    Monday July 21, 2014
    James Blake Reveals Dark New Track

    James Blake let slip last month that his new album was halfway done and this month he has dropped a new track on BBC One. Appearing on Jamie xx, his good friends, show last Wednesday night he debuted the track, without so much as a word to whether it would appear on the yet to be released album. The track is much darker then Blake’s previous releases with a sample heavy cut intrumental piec... Read more

  • Onra takes on Years & Years

    Monday July 21, 2014
    Onra takes on Years & Years

     Electro-soul pop team Years & Years have dropped a phenomenal new release Take Shelter’ Only to be given a face lift straight away by the notorious Onra. The master of mixes adds his traditional style into the tune, lusty piano riffs and dreamy fades in and out.The mix is a whimsical fusion of pop and EDM. The synthetic undertones carry the tune to an atmospheric level, predominately foc... Read more

  • ODESZA Album Out

    Monday July 21, 2014
    ODESZA Album Out

    The collaborative efforts of BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid have catapulted into gold.  The producer duo, who go by the name ODESZA, have been making waves with all the kids.  The stats are impressive – streamed from SoundCloud over 16 million times, over 7.5 million times on Spotify and selling out live shows.  In this case two heads put together has been better than one.  So ODESZA’s new... Read more

  • Rising Star Alesso

    Monday July 21, 2014
    Rising Star Alesso

    It’s happening, Alesso is outdoing himself.  Billboard reports to us that Def Jam / EMI UK has signed the 23 year old Swedish DJ-producer for a recording contract.  Earlier in the year Alesso’s Grammy- nominated remix of One Republic’s If I Lose Myself really placed him on the grid, but that isn’t the only collaboration that earned him recognition.  In the lead up, he has played with Sw... Read more

  • Hodor’s Rave Of Thrones

    Wednesday July 16, 2014
    Hodor’s Rave Of Thrones

    If you are Game of Thrones enthusiast, you will most likely be found in a one of Australia’s major city clubs at some time in the next few months dancing in a mob and chanting Hodor, Hodor, Hodor!  This is no normal gathering or convention, more what could only be described as the love child of deep house music and the Seven Kingdoms. Australia is to see the first of Kristian Nairn’s Game of... Read more

  • Crossover Charts

    Tuesday July 15, 2014
    Crossover Charts

    Music genres seem to be like a pair of bikinis, it’s not popular unless you’ve mixed and matched.  There has been a not-so-recent surge of EDM saturating the pop charts, or you could also say the opposite.  These days it’s quite easy for an artist to cross genres and grow in popularity as opposed to the fans feeling culture shock and bailing.  It seems many more subgenres have emerged tha... Read more

  • Northern Nights 2014

    Monday July 14, 2014
    Northern Nights 2014

    Northern California get ready. A three day celebration is about to hit Redwood Curtain. If you haven’t already bought tickets to Northern Nights 2014, you can here. This annual gathering of likeminded party-goers are pitching their tents in the picturesque Cook’s Valley Campground and are supporting well-known and under... Read more

  • Player Player

    Wednesday July 09, 2014
    Player Player

    It’s curious to know who really makes the cogs turn in EDM.  Who is really making and breaking the deals and how much power do they have?  You’d be surprised to know that many DJs have been self-starters and have created labels of their own to help push their career forward as well as to nourish the careers of young hopefuls.   Not all have stood the test of time, but if we shine the spotl... Read more

  • Goldie’s Masterpiece

    Tuesday July 08, 2014
    Goldie’s Masterpiece

    Ministry of Sound has presented an interesting and wonderful opportunity for UK drum and bass figurehead Goldie.  The man has been doing it for more than two decades, and despite having carved his way as an electronic music artist, visual artist and actor, to date he has made his biggest impact in the DJ world producing 1995’s Timeless, his... Read more