Bigg Cixx joins the DJ Central crew!

Everybody give a warm welcome to Bigg Cixx! The man responsible for the amazing opening hook in No L’s, his collaboration with DL Down3r and Spez Loaks!

Big Cixx has got genuine talent, as is evident from the variances in his flow. Many rappers claim to be able to take it from 0-100, but Cixx puts it in motion, starting off with slow flow on his hook then moving into a beat that you can really bump to. This distinct style can be heard in his other works too, especially with the slapper Got ya bangin’ West Coast!

Listen to the smooth flow that this man uses to bring in the LA heat with a vengeance!
Bigg Cixx represents the West Coast hip hop community with pride, just like DL, Spez, and the rest of his crew. He’s an up and coming star that brings something fresh to the rap scene, that’s also classic in a whole new way. We’re privileged to have him on the team, and we’re glad to be riding with the best names in hip hop all year round!


For more info on Bigg Cixx, check out his facebook: