Avicii with the Entire World!!


The 23-year-old Swedish born superstar is embarking on a six week project that will involve him collaborating with artists, producers and even fans from all over the world. Avicii is putting out the message for potential partners to upload samples based on themes he determines.

My main ambition with this project is to create a large, worldwide music collaboration. It will be incredibly cool to create a house piece out of so many talented artists’ different ideas,Avicii said.

Tweeting; “And  is live! Submit your melody today on aviciixyou.com! Good luck <3

The “Levels” beat maker will serve as executive producer of the “Avicii X You” project, creating the baseline, effects, melody, rhythm, and vocals. Once he has what is needed for a track, the music will premiere February 26, 2013 on VEVOXbox and Roku.


Think you have what it takes to be the Avicii’s next protégé? Session 1 has already started, so start working on your best electronic sounds and get them uploaded HERE by February 13th. Good luck to all who enter! be sure to let us know if this helps you get noticed in the music world, and if you are thinking of participating. Share this around to all those talents in the world to hear them!!