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Down3r’s Tik Tok is already owning 2021!

Recently, we reported on Down3r’s rapid Tik Tok growth, and today we’re happy to report that this snowball has kept on rolling and become bigger and bigger as time has gone on! Starting off 2021 right, Down3r continues to see success, and his Tik Tok has undergone a dramatic growth from 91K to well over 157K followers in just a few short months!

@therealsugaboomboom♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom

@therealsugaboomboom work flow…. I’m trying to go to bed tho…. ♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom


♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom

@therealsugaboomboom Happy New Years Everyone please be safe don’t drink and drive!!! be responsible!!! #Sugaboomboom #mydrinkwashawaiianpunch #idontdrink ♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom

One hit after another, Down3r has proven that he knows how to bottle lightning and turn heads across the world! We can see now for sure that this is true not only for his music, but for his Tik Tok channel! Go ahead and check out this link to see some of his newest sleeper hits… maybe we’ll see a music video or two on there in the future featuring his excellent tracks!

The mastermind behind the incredible “Suga Boom Boom” anthem shows us that he’s got more up his sleeve to give to us, and just like that, his Tik Toks rack up thousands upon thousands of views, even on his worst day! And as you might have noticed, when he’s at his best… we’re talking tens, HUNDREDS of thousands of views! Who didn’t expect that with a banger like Suga Boom Boom under his belt?

Down3r’s got plenty more to come, too! His Tik Tok is rather regularly updated, so if you’re a fan of seeing Down3r’s face and not just reading his text posts, well… superfans, looks like Tik Tok is the platform for you! We’ve got plenty more to look forward to – shoutouts, peeks into his life, and more! So while you’re waiting for his next update, bump that Spotify playlist LOUD, and get hype – we’re now able to live our best Down3r lives even easier now! And so it seems everyone else has… might we reiterate that the best of his Tik Tok work is getting HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF VIEWS?! Now that’s killer.

So for the few of you in the readerbase who are STILL unlucky enough to have not heard of Down3r after all this time and aren’t sure where to start, consider this an introduction to the rest of your hip hop life!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

suga boom boom

Suga Boom Boom (in all its incarnations) continues to be a titan in 2021!

DL Down3r’s monster hit Suga Boom Boom has truly hit its stride! With over 24 million plays on Spotify and over 60 million on Youtube, the song is now an anthem in the minds of many, both those who can relate to its message or those who simply like the song! Suga Boom Boom part 2 is also doing well, considering it’s eclipsed 2 million on Spotify, and 20 million on Youtube! But if you think that’s all, you’re gravely mistaken. There isn’t just one video of Suga Boom Boom on Youtube. The song is so well-beloved that it’s been posted many a time on different channels! Collectively with all of these popular views considered, the song itself has collectively over 200 million views!

That nostalgic fakeout though! This video is at over 50K views and 3K likes in ONE WEEK! The hip hop scene is Suga Boom Booming all over the world, but in Latin America and Australia in particular! That’s little wonder, considering all the hard work Blue Pie Lat Am are doing… It’s thanks to them that South America is really waking up to this quality music! Their efforts can be seen everywhere, and Down3r’s message is fast-spreading far and wide due to the immense efforts behind their promotion! We’d like to extend a special thanks to their team.

But of course, the artist’s love is the gas in the tank. It’s great to see that Down3r is continuing to get himself and his passion out there, these results don’t lie.

It’s a new breath of fresh air for the song, and it comes as no surprise given all the different uploads from fans. Not only that, but the many different remixes, such as the new version with LadyDice, or the Key Crashers EDM! All of these sound rather different from the original that shot the LDDL duo to stardom, but that’s where the beauty lies. Why sample the same thing forever, when you can instead take what you like and see how else it can be rendered? This is a common perspective in the art world, and it deserves to be applied here too. Because if there’s one thing Down3r has created with Suga Boom Boom, it’s unquestionably art.

So for the few of you in the readerbase who are STILL unlucky enough to have not heard of Down3r after all this time and aren’t sure where to start, consider this an introduction to the rest of your hip hop life!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

bigg cixx

Bigg Cixx has been VERY busy! Let’s see what he got up to in 2020 with multiple releases!

We’ll start 2021 off fresh by looking back on what Bigg Cixx achieved in 2020! We’ve already gone over 69.2 Hoe Day and New Fresh Prince, but now it’s time to go over the excellent single and EP he released via Sowfwes Records. With XIV and Long Time now under his belt, Bigg Cixx is more of a household name than ever!

You can clearly see why, just from listening to these! ESPECIALLY since Down3r features on Long Time, and since there’s not just one but three excellent tracks on XIV! Featuring Benny Tesla on XIV’s Unless I Mean It and iTSDUB, Solja Sick, and DL Down3r on Long Time, Bigg Cixx has an army of talented musicians in his crew, and they’re certainly going places, as you can see by listening above.

Many of us would (and indeed, many of us DID) spend last year doing pretty much nothing inside quarantine. But not Bigg Cixx or his group. They’re the kind of creators who can’t keep their hands still, and for that we’re glad… that means that we’ll be able to vibe even more, in the oncoming new waves of covid that this new year promises. Always a silver lining, especially with these excellent artists at the helm!

But with that being said, if you really can’t satisfy your Cixx cravings, check out the rest of his excellent Spotify catalogue or his presence on Youtube. You may even discover some new favourites when other artists feature with him!

Or you could always check out his social media links or website! We’ll definitely be seeing you there…

Bigg Cixx is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA for the world. You can check out more information and the latest news on Bigg Cixx at the following links:


DJ Central is taking 2021 by the horns, with Season 6 in production!

You read that right. Amidst more riots, more covid, more fires, and the worst (but to be fair, most faithful) sequel to 2020 possible, a light is shining in the darkness for all lovers of EDM and DJ sets across the globe! The legendary DJ Central is back, and the dire times we’ve been through lately have reenergised it to be better than ever!

Just in case you needed a refresher course, check out some of these promos from past seasons to get your hype into gear!

Well those good times, if they weren’t already fresh in your mind, are bound to have resurfaced now! As new promos and episodes come out, don’t worry, we won’t spare any details – we’ll make post after post right here, as well as on our social media platforms!

Speaking of which, there are even more DJ Central promo videos, as well as promos for other productions such as the lineup of work from Planet Blue Pictures, or Cadillac Bill. We’ll be sharing those on our social media as much as possible in the coming months to REALLY get everyone excited for DJ Central’s return! And if those don’t suffice, why not join us in a marathon we’re planning? We’ll be watching the older series on amazon prime… Still hard to believe that this show is making a return! If you aren’t familiar with it, now’s the perfect time to become acquainted with this excellent collection of inventive music videos, to make sure you’re all caught up.

DJ Central has something for everyone, and it’s plain to see that no matter who you are, you’ll appreciate what’s on offer here!

Take off your business tie and shoes, cook the popcorn, dim the lights and get under the blanket- Amazon Prime’s musical marathon of a lifetime awaits!




47K on Spotify! Starting off 2021 right with Key Loch and Where Is The Love!

Key Loch’s throwback to the golden days of mo-town is erupting on the Spotify scene! It only went up in December of 2020 and already at the time of writing it’s hit 47K on Spotify and is still growing!

Key Loch are Damien Reilly and Justin Gross. They are the founders of the 90’s power Aussie Rock Band Southpaw. They bring together a production history between them of 50 years of song writing and playing live music in Australia. And this time, the duo are featuring a third member to their killer ensemble, that being Avery May Parker! And the presence of Justin and Damien’s former band mate in Southpaw, Mr Maurice Morgan as lyricist, also can’t ever be understated as a fourth contributor… and of course, THE Chris Garcia helping to produce and arrange this amazing title takes the ensemble up to an A-Team of five, not including other producers and mixers, such as Gabriel Rizza, Tom Polce, and Phil Soussan! Phew, that’s quite the assembly!

You can see the quality and talent of all the group’s members and experiences clearly in this song. A sweet and soulful performance in every lyric, Avery’s voice and Key Loch’s expert playing guarantee that every time you listen to “Where Is The Love”, it’ll hit you right where it counts. This song is bringing the mo-town sound back to USA from down-under. An amazing feat when you think about it in terms of traditional music output from Australia.

That’s why it’s so special that we can see clear success and popularity for Key Loch. It’d be a shame if this musical niche was unheard, but thankfully it seems to be snowballing by those who want to keep the fire alive! Power to them – we’re here to join you! Mo-town isn’t dead, it’s vintage!

This playlist may look empty at the time of writing, but here’s hoping it’ll fill up more and more across 2021! From one song to many! Something tells us Key Loch aren’t going to settle for just one success, especially based on Southpaw’s track record!

So bring on the Key Loch tunes, and there’s no need to ask where the love is – we’ve definitely found it in this passionate song, and the others that we’re crossing our fingers will follow it!

The future is bright and Key Loch are wearing shades as they unlock the musical doors of your mind and fill it full of great music. This is the beginning of something amazing and the world can never have enough of GREAT music.

Key Lock are a Blue Pie Records USA artist published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for the world. For more information on Key Lock you can visit their website at or check out where it all began for Damien and Justin at Southpaw |

cadillac bill spyro monster

And we thought the LAST Tik Tok was cursed! Cadillac Bill is up to something nasty!

Okay, so we know the last Down3r Tik Tok was pretty out there… and it also didn’t bode especially well for this year!

@bluepierecordsNow the dragon is chasing YOU. ##Sugaboomboom ##tiktiktikboomboom ##horror ##newyear ##2021 ##2020 ##comedy ##cursed ##spooky ##cosplay ##meme ##fyp ##fy ##dragon♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

It was one of the first memes out there to be on the bandwagon of saying “2021 will be just as bad” for the sake of jokes, albeit ones that are nervously told in case of them actually coming true. And hopefully… really, hopefully, they won’t come true. But what would be even more terrifying than that coming true is simply watching the latest Tik Tok… at all. Like, really, maybe consult a health professional before watching this one. And they’ll have to watch it to see if it’s safe. So your health professional should consult a health professional. Et cetera et cetera. Turns out, this is all-in-all a cunning marketing strategy for Cadillac Bill. Get the whole world (and pretty much every health professional) to see this Tik Tok! After all, it’s about his show! …this can only end well.

@bluepierecords This can only end well. ##cursed ##fyp ##comedy ##cadillacbill ##thecadillacbillshow ##newyearnewme ##2021 ##meme ##bath ♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

“I’ve started the new year by watching Cadillac Bill, because 2020 was so awful we might as well see how bad we can get” is exactly the sort of marketing slogan you’d expect from the bizarre Canadian trip into madness known as the Cadillac Bill Show. This is the first Tik Tok we’ve seen from him, and we’re glad to host it on the official Blue Pie Tik Tok account, but it isn’t the first advertisement we’ve seen from him by a long shot! Indeed, we’ve seen several, all brought to us by the infamous alien, Allen!

Let’s play the first one, ladies and gentlemen!

Let’s check out another one! Same formula, different goon.

Per audience demand, we gave him the chair, the fire extinguisher, and the sledgehammer, and it’s good to see he knew which was the audience favourite by gut instinct alone! Hahaha. There were no survivors.

Let’s check out the next one, folks!

That’s the kinda beauty we strive for! The beauty that defies all standards of beauty set before it. A formidable lad wanting to hi-5 Bill so much that he broke his PC! Don’t worry, folks. We had plenty more for him. And he broke those too. He also broke his hand. Y’know what they say about human ingenuity is true… because once that happened, he just switched to the other hand and kept punching screens! He’s still screaming to this day.

Moving swiftly along to the next showing…

This guy, along with our following guest, were placed into the wall-paste producing office for a bit of fun. The pressure of the sheer drudgery seems to have gotten to them, right…?

Well, what we haven’t told you is that we exposed these guys to 48 hours of constant Cadillac Bill prior to this. Now, we’re denying them any media at all, unless it’s related to wall paste. We’re also denying them sleep, food, and other essentials. So now they, oddly enough, have an addiction to the show that can never be quenched!

(REMINDER: The audience is required to laugh when the sign is displayed. Please comply.)

We got one last showing scheduled, and it’s from the stardeck of a primitive human craft. We intercepted this surveillance footage of the legendary entity known as Cadillac Bill intercepting this crew and tormenting them. Don’t try this at home – this is the crown jewel of the old ads, the true masterclass in showmanship!

As you can see, this Tik Tok fits right in, and if you happen to see any more that’d fit the bill, (get it?) be sure to read up here to figure out how to send it to us – assuming you can read, and that all this has been legible so far. Failing that, we’ll send someone over shortly to shout the contents of this article at you boistrously and slowly, to make sure you don’t miss anything. Do not resist.

Now the only question is, is the strange being featured in the Tik Tok that’s being berated by a bogan an alien, or just an anomalous human? Yes. The answer to both, is yes.

Don’t forget to check the mandatory Cadillac Bill Spotify playlist on your way out folks! Physicians say that it’s the number one way to avoid being disintegrated by an alien security detail! Thanks, don’t forget to spread these promos to those who like to see humans in misery, and good night!

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